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Who dropped the stone into the pond ??? :)) I

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I'm happy that I was able to give you some fun. That is what all the puzzle making and creating is about. It's much more fun to do a puzzle when you know that somebody will enjoy it.
Thanks for your lovely comment, MaryNolan and it's always nice to see you here. :))


Every color! Love it, such a fun solve! 4:26 Thanks, Dagmar!


As you see P.J. most things in life depend on good timing LOL
Thanks for dropping by :))


I'm glad you liked this one Wendy and it's easy to get carried away with all the things you can do with an image in the painting programes. Very often I end up with things that really look amazing and even beautiful, but they are no good puzzles at all. :)))


Very nice puzzle and the composition is great. So is the title. And it was fun to solve! We should thank the person who drpped the stone so elegantly and you for choosing just the right moment to make the puzzle.


Dagmar, I'll bet you had lots of fun creating this! I've made similar ones in the past, but I love the way you let the shapes 'keep' their colors. I think maybe sometimes I go too far. Yours 'POPS'! :-)


You are wonderful at inventing titles, Hanne, but I'm very bad at it, every morning when I decide what image to post, I just blankly look at it and think what on earth should I call this one today. :))) I wouldn't mind having you around to help me with the titles. :))
Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful Saturday. :))


Glad that you enjoyed the ripples :)), have some more fun in Jigidi and I'll do the same only that my today will last a bit longer than yours LOL.
Good night and sleep well. :))


It's a great title!! Makes you picture into something quite different!! Suddenly it's a story!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


It wasn't me either Dagmar. But I had fun playing with the ripples. Thanks for the fun! And enjoy your day. :)))


Hi Ardy, I saw your comment at Kirsten's place and went to your place to wish you good luck with the oncoming storm. I really do hope that it will be much less than they say. :))) I hope that you have a way to keep warm without electricity. You'll be in my thoughts and consider what I told you. :)))
Thanks for dropping by and keep safe. :))


I didn't do it. Honest!! But it made pretty ripples, didn't it. Great puzzle, Dagmar. Love it. Have fun this weekend. Major storm heading my way. power outages most likely starting Sunday through Tuesday. If some of us disappear that's probably why.

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