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Takin' Out The Trash

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I told you ... mad skills 😉

Here is the second installment of Jason as "a workin' stiff" ... feel free to drool about the room. Bibs will be provided, free of charge 😊
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When I see him at 8am, I will.


Yoo Hoo, Mr. Trashman. I'm feeling trashy; come get me.


He can play any role out there, keep them coming SPaceMan. You are winning points for giggles. ;-))


He does Community Service by just existing for us to look at. I asked Mr. SPaceDinVADerOne to choose for "Jason Momoa in blue collar Jobs #3", a profession where less clothing is required. Less clothing = more drool bibs


You said it mpp.
Better out than in!


I remember doing that job. When I got out of the service, I went to work for the city, and that is the entry position on the Highway Dept. Lots of exercise, and salvage rights. The old joke was $58.50 a week, and all you could eat, lol. That was back in the early 60's. Thanks, SPaceDinVADerOne.


Gee I hope he volunteered and not community service. Either way if not photo shopped still nice to look at.


I don't care what he's doing. He's still the most gorgeous man on the planet.


@morepiecesplz, @Juba1010 @girlinaglass92 @KittyCounselor @julie88 @Mischka @petslave

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