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Sunflower close-up

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brightens up my living room! ☺
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It smiles at you, Betty and knew I'd taken a close-up???? I that obvious? LOL

Yes, Ella, these are the size of a big human hand, but the giant Sunflowers (like in my link below) are the size of a human head! LOL
I bet they look lovely in a field full of Sunflowers.
BTW, I sniffed at one on my side table and I don't think they have a strong or too unpleasant scent....:)


I just noticed that these Sunflowers are somewhat smaller than the giant ones I've seen around here. The giant ones have rough leaves as opposed to the much more smooth leaves of the ones you have. When you touch the flower or leaves of the giant variety they give off a yucky scent. Farmers around here grow huge fields of Sunflowers for the seed.


What Betty said!! :-DD

Now that's a sunny face! AND of course ☺☺ I KNEW you'd have a wonderful close-up! Love it!


Thank you, Nan, I've often seen them at the florist or supermarket, but I never thought of buying them for myself, but seeing them in the vase at my friend's home, made me go for them too!:)

Hi Anne, fingers crossed for the "new" platform, it's supposed to be working well before Adobe Flash isn't supported by updates anymore!

Thank you, Pammi, years ago we put them in the ground and they became over two metres high and the flowers were (too)HUGE. I believe these are grown (in glass houses) especially for bouquets. If I hadn't seen them at my friend's how lovely they look indoors, I probably would've gone for the roses again this week :-)))

Thanks, Lynetteoz, yes, the flowers are lovely and bright in my room, but they're about the maximum size I want in a vase on my coffee table. We have grown them several times from a seed years back, but they became so huge, we stopped growing them as we didn't knew where to plant them. :-)
(check out the link of a Sunflower photo of 2003)


Love sunflowers they are so beautiful and colourful. They would definitely brighten up a room and make it happy Impie. Its great that you can grow them :-)


Very lovely, Impie. Sunflowers always make a great show and seem to spread happiness all around.


OH, Impie, thank's more a case of making myself grin-and-bear-it and work some no matter the presentation style. Cannot wait until Jigidi presents their "new" platform which will provide an equally good experience without Adobe Flash...


one of the farmers at our local tailgate market brings sunflowers for bouquets. Not the huge kind, but like yours. I love to bring them home. Glad you've discovered they can be used in a vase, they really are so cheering. Your friend did you a good turn!


Thanks, Anne, I'm so happy to hear you can solve puzzles again and I'm glad you enjoyed doing mine ♥


How brightly wondrous! Love the puzzle doing too!


Aww, thanks, Faye ♥♥♥


And OUR day!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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