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You will. Coronavirus is currently in 18 States. Yours could be next.


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This stuff is scary -- hope everyone I care about comes through okay. Also, hope I can hope for everyone anyway.

Go away, take Care everybody,

Just arrived in Calgary. She was on the Cruise Ship with the infected passenger -- you know, the ship now "quarantined" off the Coast of CA (sailed out of San Francisco) ..... Stay safe out there and do the Wu Han shuffle (ref Stephen Colbert show March 4, 2020) .... Diz


There are 2 confirmed cases and 2 pending test results where I live. One of the 'pending' was told to self quarantine but decided to ignore that and attended an event held at a college that night!


It's a bad situation, Surreal_Heidi. I worry about those who are carrying it, but are showing no symptoms.


This is one virulent little sucker. They're still learning about the various ways it can be transmitted. Not enough is known yet. And now that a person who does not believe in vaccinations has been put in charge of it in the US, we're doomed.


Edit: Actually the mortality rate is 3.4%, according to the World Health Organization. So--if EVERYONE in this country is exposed** to it, that's a **potential of 11 million deaths**.

**Exposure doesn't guarantee that you will "get sick" or develop any outward symptoms, and the 11 million victims is an absolute worst case scenario.**


I'm two hours from the world's busiest airport. It's just a matter of time for most of us. And the mortality rate is still hovering around 2%. I'm willing to bet that we've only seen the tip of the iceberg thus far.

I can only hope it will infect Congress. (I shouldn't have said that--my apologies.)


Fear or not to fear.