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☁️🐦Majestic rulers of the sky🐦☁️

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Falco cherrug - a close relative of the falcon
this bird builds its nests in the rocks, lives in the middle latitudes of Europe and Asia, and flies to North Africa and South Asia for the winter. It grows up to 55 cm, with a wingspan of almost 1.30 meters. Due to the polluted environment and especially due to the disturbance of the territory of its natural occurrence it is on the list of endangered species
... interesting thing is the eyes of these amazing birds. When you're outside, look at the sky where the plane is flying, usually at an altitude of between 10 and 11 thousand meters. And now imagine a pigeon flying next to an airplane. We see the plane as a small comma and the bird of prey sitting on our hand sees the airplane and also the pigeon ... unbelievable, what do you say?
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Gerda, meeting friends after a long time is always beautiful, thank you for stopping by me. I love birds of prey for their uniqueness, I'm glad we have it in common ♥:))


Donna, thank you very much for the kind message, I'm glad you like the puzzles of these imposing birds. Your pictures of the winter landscape are enchanting ♥:))


i love birds of prey.thank you for posting.


Thank you for your beautiful puzzles.


Patti, I'm so glad you like my set of birds of prey today. Thank you for coming to see and writing me such a nice comment ♥:))


Judy, thank you very much too. Unlike those birds, I had a raincoat. They, in turn, have a more durable "mantle" by nature, even if this poor guy is wet enough. After a while, the sun came up and it was better for him ♥:))


Jill, I unequivocally agree with your comment they are magnificent birds ♥:))


Wow!!! I agree with Jillian! These photos are magnificent! Thanks for sharing, Deanna!


Stunning birds today. Thanks so much. Hope you had your raincoat with you.


What do I say? I say MAGNIFICENT. Thank you

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