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Arceologic teen :-)

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Thank you so much my dear teen-friends :-)))))


Thanks for a laugh Sissel, hugs my friend. 💕😍


👏 Bravo


LOL love it! very good - Tks :-))



And the GROANS abound - from Sissel, Nev, and Pat - 3 pillars of the Jigidi community as they post their replies.


Pat, for many years here we headed north to a warmer climate (Queensland) for a 4-week holiday in July, to get away from the cold Sydney Winter. But Covid ended that (in 2020) when we were officially not permitted to travel anywhere, or cross State borders. Those limitations no longer exist today, but we are a few years older now and don't want to travel long distances anymore. So it will be a case of "weathering" the Winter here in Sydney this year. We can only dream of warmer July Queensland temperatures now, whilst "rugging-up" here in Sydney to beat the cold.


You too. Hope you "weather" the winter! ☺


Pat, it really wasn't a "contest" between us, but I did find that little ditty on the internet and thought you would like it.
All good here, but getting colder now as we head towards our Winter (starts officially on June 1st). We've had three frosts already in our area, so I guess you could say it's "snow fun".
Greetings my friend, and keep well.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You win, mate!


When the Romans landed in Britain,
The weather proved a teaser!
The emperor asked “Could this be rain?”,
But the answer was “Hail, Caesar”.


A Roman soldier walks into a bar, holds up two fingers and says, "Five beers, please."


What did the Roman say when his wife was eaten by a lion?


G R O A N ! ☺

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