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Kitty Calendar August 2021

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Goodbuy July and Hello August. I can't get over how fast July went by eventhough the month doesn't seem to have given much 'summer' weather at all in my neck of the woods.☺. Yet I had to turn the page to August already! I hope the weather in August will improve a bit, but at least I get to see this cute pink nosed little kitten with beautiful blue eyes sitting on my bedroom wall for 31 days! She (I think it's a she) is drawn by the very talented Dutch artist Francien van Westering who makes beautiful drawings of her own kitties she has/had in her life.
I hope you'll enjoy this lovely kitty and August!♥☺♥
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  2. Impie2:27
  3. tisketsmum2:31
  4. Augur20212:36
  5. nanaof72:38
  6. babray2:47
  7. rndixon2:50
  8. Holga2:52
  9. EllaMB2:58
  10. Dustycat3:04


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I know what you mean, Impie! Wish I did as well! ☺☺


Glad you had rain, Faye, I was about to send ours to you, We had rain this morning but the rest of the day it was nice and sunny (only 17°C) which was good!

Thank you, GG, yes she has drawn this one like it's a photo of the kitten. I'm always amazed how well she can draw the eyes so life-like too!
3 years back I received the pencil drawing 'schutkleur' made of Goofie, for my birthday. It's sitting on my living room wall and I cannot get enough of looking at it, those eyes are so perfect too. I wish I had half the talent of both her and Francien!☺☺

Thank you, Nancy, I won't tell Tavi and Ollie. LOL...
Today our weather started wet, but soon after the sun came out and I've done some light gardening this afternoon (still minding my back) and enjoyed some sunbeams on the back patio for a while. It was nice, not too warm! 😊❤️😊


Thank you, Anne and Nancy. It didn't do much for the smoke but it did dampen and cool everything down. Sure hope it helped the firefighters. Fingers crossed for your predictions of rain! ❤️💕❤️


Faye, so happy for you that it rained! Hope it helped. We've got a 40% chance forecast for Friday. Hope it materializes. Thankfully smoke has stayed high up, so only a wee bit of haze; air quality still good. East of the mountains is a very different story.


Squeee! Such an adorable expression. Love everything about this sweetie, but don't tell Tavi and Ollie! LOL. An absolute delight for this month!! Hope your weather is summery and pleasant! 😊❤️😊


I think this is the sweetest kitty yet I've seen drawn by this wonderful artist! Those eyes and little mouth are just too precious! A nice photo to wake up to in the morning, Impie! Thank you for sharing with us!! ☺☺


@gemstone, I'm so happy for you! We had some rain yesterday and are "scheduled" for rain for the next 4 days....I hope. The dessert SW is more dry than usual




Yeah, nillie, thank you. I wonder whether we'll still get any summer-like weather. July has been very wet and most day temperatures have been lower than usually during July nights!
I'm sorry you're still so restricted due to the virus. I also hope for a good August month, though it will be a month with several (emotional) memories.
Thanks and have a good night, but most of all stay well and stay safe! ♥♥


Sweet baby... and a nice start to the worst month in Israel in terms of weather. Lucky there are air conditioners and anyway because of the virus Delta senior citizens rarely leave the house, Thanks Impie, hopefully August will be a good month♥♥


I can understand you'd miss them after they'll be gone, but it would be comforting to know they'd be somewhere secure and safe!
Please update us on how it goes further!


Yes, Impie, it's a sad situation. These kittens only still "nurse" for a minute of "counting noses and checking" by mom very occasionally. I'd say they are easily 8 weeks old. The largest (a male black and white) is less gregarious than the calico and the gray and white. They all climb trees faster than you can watch it seems. The gray and white climbed a tree and jumped to the top of the block wall and sat watching everyone else. They seem quite acclimated to their surroundings. And they are getting well fed. I know that Animal Humane will do right by them, but I'd miss seeing them as a family romping around our back yard. Kittens are just too cute.


Thanks for your nice comments, mjs7, tisketsmum, Anne, Ella, Betty and Faye.
I'm glad you also enjoy this calendar kitty. Eah year I'll always have a peek to all images after I've bought a new kitty month calendar and although I wish time wouldn't go that fast, I look forward to each drawing of every new month! ☺☺

@Atsutsa - what a shame, Anne. I think it will take some time to get their trust. For cases like at your's, overhere (Dierenambulance)Animal Rescue provides special animal friendly cages/traps. After they're in they'll come and collect them and take them to the Animal Rescue Hospital (where my best friend volunteers). They'll get checked over by a Vet and vaccinated and chipped. Very sick cats who are beyond help will be put down. If they're healthy they'll take them to the Animal shelter where they try to socialize the kittens and preferably also the mom (they'll also always try and get them adopt together) and put them up for adoption.
In some areas inThe Hague there are many stray/ferral cats and they get taken care off by some people in the neighbourhood. Animal Welfare will put out those cages/traps I mentioned. After they're checked over the adults get neutered/spayed. But when they catch a mom and kittens they do that after the kittens don't need mom's milkbar anymore. Then the mom get spayed. Some adults will be brought back to the area they came from, as they'll never get domesticated, but at least they can't produce anymore stray cats!


What a sweet face! And such lovely markings...a true "cutie pie"!

Quite cool here this morning...a relief from the heat wave last week. It rained for about 20 minutes in Vancouver yesterday where there has been no rain since June 15th. We're hoping for rain here to wash all the smoke out of the air from the successful blackburn's of the last two days. It's very dreary. ❤️🙂❤️

Such a beautiful little face!


She's such a cutie! Still longing for another fur baby, but the time is not right, yet. I can't believe it's August already, either! I still have a ton of work to get done around here before going back to work in September.


And yes, this kitten is so, so cute. We are still trying to arrange the round-up of feral mom and kittens. They are the most feral ones I've seen....they only tolerate being watched if they know we are inside looking through a window. Even Ian taking food out elicits a scatter to places they consider "far enough" away = at least 25-30 feet. They have a "den" behind our shed - a space between the concrete block wall and the shed. It's a good place for a den as the brick absorbs all the day heat as does the shed. We're in the 60s at night now.


Oh my! How can it be August already? But you are right about the issue of "summer". Here our June was "summer" the last two weeks of July and today are definitely more Fall-like. I have to remember that this is the dessert southwest and it obeys the rules of nature. Here the more daylight hours there are the warmer it is, and vice versa. We don't have much that "holds" the heat to the earth like New York City's concrete.




Beatiful Kitten. Thank you for sharing Impie. I will check our Franciens work.

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