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I kept a seedpot of last year's Pansies and sowed the seeds in seperate little growing pots, earlier this year. Some did well and some didn't do anything. The seedlings that came up started to bloom in the growing pots when they were only abt. 4 cm. high☺☺
After a while I put all the seedlings in this pot and kept my fingers crossed and see what would happen when I hung it outside on my fence....They're still small, but as you can see they're doing just fine! ☺
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Hi Ella, We just had thunder and rain for a short while.....the garden needed it and I hope it'll help to cool it a few degrees more! :)

Thank you, Anne, it was fun to see them coming up and grow and bloom within just a short period of time. They seem to like it outside too! :)

Thanks, Nancy, it sure is! :-)


Pretty! Always gratifying when your efforts have such nice results. :-)


They are so pretty! Congratulations on your horticultural achievement!


LOL! Same here, the East and South of the US is getting thunderstorms and all we're getting in the West is a heatwave!


Thank you, Ella. A part of Holland suffered very harsh weather later in the day, yesterday. Hail, thunder and flooding! We on the west side of the country didn't get one drop of rain! Not that I'm hoping for hail....surely not..... but a bit of rain to cool off a bit would be welcome! Can't believe I just said that!LOL

You too, stay cool!


Stay cool, Impie! I don't envy the humidity you're having lately :-( A heatwave is coming here starting tomorrow, triple digits for 5-7 days! I'll be staying in and hoping it cools off in the evenings!


Thank you for your nice comments, GG, Faye, Nan, Marilyn, Mrs_Quinn, Iris, Ella and Lynetteoz. It's the first time ever that I sowed Pansies, I always bought them at the garden centre and never kept a seedpod. I bet this is a case of beginners luck☺☺☺...although I sown them with love! :-))

Hope you all are well and not as hot as we are doing now. We are having a heatwave and it will last until at least this wekend. I spend minimum time in my computer room....the window is wide open and the fan blowing (on 2) and still I'm melting! ☺☺


I saw some pansies in the botanical gardens during the weekend and I thought of yours Impie and here they are!! Especially love the yellows ones :-)


They are indeed doing well! They look very happy :-)


Many happy smiles! ☺♥☺


Impie - you always have such good luck with all your plants - I am sure you must have a green thumb - these are lovely - Mrs. Quinn.


Pansies are so pretty in the spring and fall. Yours look like they are doing well.


they look quite happy and sweet!


Healthy greenery, strong stems, and lovely wee faces! :)))


They are indeed doing fine, Impie! Looking very lovely, in fact!

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