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Longwood Gardens PA

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Road trip last eve w/ fam. Known for Christmas lights and its conservatory, beautiful. Have fun, Dave
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  1. inny2:41
  2. Dclo2:45
  3. tallman3:10
  4. fishingtime3:38
  5. emilym3:39
  6. mariolyn4:13
  7. Gloria7204:19
  8. DrMary4:25
  9. nukemreet4:30
  10. aterol4:41


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The snow is swirling around outside like one of those snow globes that you shake up. I'm gonna sit this one out.


Sorry 'bout that Bom, take a girlfriend, it's worth it. A person could spend hours there. ------Hope you are caffeinated for this eve dd, have a couple nice ones coming up then, D


Hubby sure as heck isn't going to tag along unless the gardens are loaded with rusting hulks of old, old trucks. Then maybe--as long as the plants don't interfere with the truck viewing.


Good morning! Just did this puzzle....I need another shot of caffeine! Good day to all!


Goodnight dd, thank you.


Lovely pic! But I've been out in the cold for the past couple hours.....just now starting to 'thaw'. Going to grab the dog and go get me some zzzzz. I'll do this one in the morning.


My niece got this one Mac. She was having fun and she also got the one with the vertigo steps. She had a good eye for fun puz pics.


Yes it was real and if you get the chance you need to get to this place, amazing. Take hubby and he can follow along behind you. It's what we do you know OR if you want to have FUN take a girlfriend or two. I believe 12 bucks to get in, concerts. My Moms not in good health so that's why we didn't stay long. ANyway, make a day of it, D


Here's the straight skinny on my size picking style Bomber. I "test" a pic out at 35. If it's overall a pretty or an interesting pic I'll send it up at 120-135 etc. for those middle distance, like you. It should do well there also. Sometimes if a puzzle is kind of bleh bleh then I wont waste a post or anyones time putting it up big. That make any sense? In other words a small puzzle that's boring only wasted two minutes of someone's time, a puzzle that's boring at 130 is too much time for anyone to waste on it. It might be fun quick 30 but not worth the time at 130. Hey I do have some nice ones the next couple eve's and I am GOING to put them up at 130 regardless. They will be GREAT pics at 130 Bom, for sure and all of that, D


This is a magnificent shot! Loved it.


Oooh, and I bet that plant was even REAL. I've seen plenty of them in stores that sell all that fake stuff--not nearly as nice.

Even though it took me nearly three times longer than you, I like the larger puzzles. Thanks!

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