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Cosmos or Cosmea close up

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This particular variety is new to me. It definitely caught my eye whilst deadheading ☺ It also seems to be the taste of (assumingly) an earwig, hence the 'bite' in one petal!


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I really like this one, GG, thanks. I never had one like this before! There seems no end to the varieties in my magical garden! :)!


It's such a pretty variety, Impie! Your garden is amazing!


They do indeed, Ella and it looks like the pink paint was almost done so the spots where the pink markings sit, is also very different!
I'd love to see more of her siblings taking after her! :)

Thanks, Nan, yea, those earwigs (but also slugs and snails) have got a lot to answer for! ...:)

Yeah, Faye and I'm glad I saw her 'waving' at me in the breeze, whilst I was deadheading some of her siblings :)))

I wonder what they all look like tomorrow....after being dry for about 3 weeks, we have rain since about 5PM!


As Ella noted, the rounded edges of the petals do make this flower a special individual. :)))


another lovely! and tasty, too...


The edges seem to be more rounded rather than like the were cut with pinking shears like the others. I like it! Maybe she will get some siblings to join her.


Thank you, lurdo, yes, it's totally different from any other white/pink Cosmos flower I've ever had! :)

Thank you, tisketsmum, Oh yeah, those earwigs are fast and greedy and ruin many a beautiful flower! But despite of the 'bite' her beauty is still there! You're welcome :)


Another beauty Impie, and probably tasty too :-))
This year I think we need to enjoy our flowers for as long as possible, especially yours so thanks for posting.

Beautiful, this white flower is awesome.