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Vintage Fruit Crate Labels "GREEN"

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Delightful! Many smiles! Take care with that mountain lion around! ☺


Finding a mountain lion on the front porch would be quite unnerving. Glad your little dogs were able to tree it instead of being dinner for it. I can understand your dog now not wanting deer on the property. Hope you got more sleep last night. Hugs


Shirley, you are welcome.


Lovely fruit crate label, Peg, Thank you.


Dotty, I have very, very good hearing so her barking was quite annoying. I can't hear her from my bedroom, but I sure did from the living room. We have thirteen fruit trees on the property and some rotten apples are still dropping and the deer come out at night to clean them up. My dog just hates it when they come onto the property and feels it her job to remove them by barking, but the deer just ignore her.


Ardy, one off the worst part of reaching this stage of my life is forgetting how easy it is to hurt myself!!!
At midnight about ten years ago I let out my two little back dogs to find a mountain lion sitting on the furniture on the front porch. The two little dogs took off after it like they were chasing a house cat. They treed it atop the telephone pole and kept it there until a local sportsman with a mountain lion tag could put it down. The lion had been terrorizing the neighborhood for quit some time. That year five lions were put down in a five mile radius in our little town. The State Fish and Game came into the area because the lions had over populated the area, the deer numbers were down and lots of livestock had disappeared, as well. The Mountain Lion has no predators and easily over populate and deplete their natural food sources. So many people look down on the fact that man has to step in and lower their numbers, but the fact is they were getting sickly from not having a regular food source there were so many.


Peg, I laughed at your story. When my husband was very ill, a mocking bird decided that 2 am was the time to sing from our pear tree. My husband had excellent hearing and a hard time sleeping. You get the picture. The second night that it happened, I opened the back door and chucked a water bottle in the direction of the tree. The bird chose another place to sing after that! Looking forward to doing this series, dear Peg. Thank you for continuing to delight us with your art. Dotty


It worked but be careful. You don't need broken or displaced bones to add to your problems these days. ☺ Wonder what set the dog off.


Ardy, yes this seems to be the best time of year to enjoy oranges. Bud brought a box home yesterday from Costco that are delightful. I was sleeping on the couch last night, the only place that is comfortable for me right now, and our big golden lab was on a barking tear last night. At 2 a.m. I could stand it no loner and got up and gave her a good scolding. Like a defiant teeneager she kept hopping up and down as I scolded. As I shut the front door I saw her out of the corner of my eye take off to the back yard where she started on another tear of barking. As I walked past the kitchen table I spied the box of oranges on the kitchen table and grabbed one. I opened the door and gave her a hue scolding then threw the orange with ll my might and to my surprises, and hers as well nailed her with that orange. Shut her up for the rest of the night. But I went to back to the couch with a pretty sore shoulder from that mighty throw. Bud came back in this morning from feeding the kitchen shaking his head carrying the now frozen orange he found in the back yard wondering how it had gotten outside in the night. He had a good laugh hen I told him how and why it got there.


Looks delicious, Peg. When I was teaching our school had a fruit program. A company in Florida would take orders and deliver fresh oranges and grapefruit once a month from November through March. The best ones came in December and January. I've been wishing for a nice sweet orange. The ones I can get in the store aren't that good. Loved it when I lived for a few months in Florida. We had orange, grapefruit and pink grapefruit in the side yard. Have a awesome day, dear friend. Hugs.

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