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Turning of the Wheel...

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Autumn is here.
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Love this pretty picture & puzzle was much fun to do! :-D I haven't been on Jigidi for a while, just noticed you 2. Hope you're okay & well, miss you, lieve groetjes. :-))




great image, Amazy!


the bees live in my friend's garden, it's a mix of herbs and veg. It was incredibly sweet and I have a little piece of the comb here at home to enjoy.

Yeah, I've never met a cat like Haw before. He jumped up on the back of my chair to sit on my bosom and lean his purry body against my cheek. Quite a character!


Thank you for the honey lesson. Did you taste any if it as you were we working with it? Do you know what the bees were foraging? Local flowers in general? Or any kind of special crops? My favorite is sage honey.


Oh WHAT a cuddle bug! He just loved you - what a sweetie!


you take the frames and put. them in an extractor which looks a little like a butter churn. It has brackets that hold the frames upright and a crank handle on top. You gently score the honeycomb with a fork to open the seal on each cell, then put them in the extractor and start to slowly crank, increasing the speed til centrifugal force sends the honey whipping out against the sides of the extractor. Then it drains into the bucket... all has to be done in a very warm space so the honey gets runny.

You'd have loved Haw the cat. He would follow me around, and meow outside my tent in the morning to be let in for cuddles. His idea of cuddles is to lie his forearms over my neck so he can bury his face in under my chin and purr. I called him cuddle-cat and he kept trying to sneak into my car while I was packing up.


Mazy that sounds amazing! What a wonderful equinoxes! I would love to learn to extract honey from bee frames. I am in awe of bees.


I celebrated the equinox on a friend's organic farm with a weekend of great people, campfire, delicious organic local food (elk and roast veg one night in the house when it was raining torrentially, sockeye salmon and chicken cooked over the fire on the other nights). I went for a walk over the acreage with a mushroom ID guide... learned how to make cordage from plant leaves, and to make fire from scratch with a hand drill... helped extract honey from the bee frames... and shared the apples I'd picked under the light of the full moon in the orchard outside my door. Today I am drying out my tent!!


Happy Equinox!


Nice view of the four seasons. It's really pretty. Thanks.

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