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My new Hyundai - a few years ago!
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  1. Renso4:23
  2. Hengate4:28
  3. K20005:28
  4. TheViking6:38
  5. Mykie7:07
  6. seltmann7:59
  7. KarstenW8:32
  8. kep8:45
  9. chuckster9:53
  10. Tomknut10:48


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Well, we have "downsized" and moved to a different state. I sold the Hyundai and now am driving a RAV4 Toyota. I call it "the tank." I really much prefer a smaller car, but this seemed to be what we need at this point. Some day I hope to go back to driving a sedan again!

Thank you for the infinity. It seems to be a very practical and easy to Handel car.


Thanks. I really like it a lot, except for the seat belt. It has to start pretty far back because of the large door and it's kind of hard to reach. I wanted a coupe, but find that a four-door would probably be better for me. My friends don't like to have to crawl into the back seat, but once they are there, they find it very comfortable. So far, I've not had any problem with it mechanically, and I find it to be quite peppy, actually.

Nice looking Elantra Coupe. Hyundai offers a lot of car with many standard features for the money. We had a Elantra GT and it was reliable and trouble free during the 3 year lease. A little under powered but the fit and finish was very good.

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