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Name the jigidiers part 3

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2dogs7cats (Edie) Harno ringleader (Ardy)
Hester tigress (Barb) TheLittleBlueHat (Jill)
Rockbit cilycoed (Phyllis) Lela
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  1. 50rosie0:06
  2. marunka2770:06
  3. stephen0:07
  4. kocourek0:07
  5. Brie16480:07
  6. st510:08
  7. Dilubreuer0:08
  8. andie9830:08
  9. snooker0:08
  10. 2dogs7cats0:09


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Thanks for sharing!

His name is under the puzzle, Putter.


Love the Wild West rider bottom right!


You are not wrong Brie:-)



Thanks for letting me know about this, Snooker. Very nice collage and I'm honoured to be included. :-)

Yes, I knew that. I live in S. Texas about 3 miles from the Mexican border.

You are very welcome, Jill. I thought you were a lovely child. (I see you are from TO. I was born in Windsor.)

You are very welcome, Lorna.


More gorgeous photos! Thanks for compiling these snooker.

Thanks everyone. Have enough for a 4th and a start on a 5th collage. Yes, I already had art4sight, Edie. TY. Sorry I don't have time for individual comments to thank you all. Stay tuned. :)




Not me Brie. Just solve one of her puzzles and saw it. ☺︎


Are we doing what I think we are - surfing the puzzles??? LOL!


Snooker, Jill (art4sight) has a picture on her profile. Not sure if you have that one already.


What a great puzzle idea, Snooker! I LOVE it!


Another fabulous set, thanks Snooker. Wonderful, hugs.


Gosh, I've been inducted into the hall of fame!! :-))
Thanks, snooker, it's great to be in such illustrious company! :-)))


And Gerda does too but not as her avatar


Great set Snooker! Loved it!

Aren't they though. Many other family photos are being posted and the memories are great to read about.


Thanks for the smiles snooker - they're a great lot:))))

Gather you two are meeting in 8 days. :)


DUH. Of course!! ARDY!!! My mind is a blur!!!

Just finished putting the final names on them, Edie. Have more photos for another collage but not enough yet. Will be away most of tomorrow so it will have to wait. Thanks for all your help.




I was just signing off when I saw this one Snooker. I knew the same ones that Francine did. This is a lot of fun. Thanks for making them for us. ☺︎

No, Brie. You are on the first one. :)


not me here


Jill - that's who it is but the other is not Jacques Camus. ♥


Her main profile is Thelittlebluehat. She has three profiles, another being ...Tiny...
Thanks, I simply don't think I ever saw the other two photos before. That's a touching moment between child and mother. Would that be Jacques Camus?

What is Jill's jigidi name? Only know her by that. You are correct on the others and have missed 2. Good job.


I was waiting for people to guess. Here's what I think I know:
Edie, ?, Ardy / Hester, Barb, Jill / ? , Phyllis, Lela

Brie was in the first one, Suzy. :) You got Edie though.


Edie and Brie for sure....the others are unknown.
What fun, snooker!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Oh.... there's little lelabugosi riding his white swan on the bottom right!


More gorgeous kiddies. :) Pat, this was a lovely project. Thanks. Two unknowns in this one for me.

The first collage was identified. Will post the names of the next 2 later after everyone has run out of guesses. :)

Never thought I'd find 27 of the little ones. :)


This is great snooker, I can't put names to many of these young face, but it's fun to see everyone of them, Thanks again, snooker.


Cute, Snooker. I know top left and top right, middle left and middle middle. But not the others. Fun; Thanks.

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