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  1. spencersmom4:08
  2. misstoto5:09
  3. Peanuts15:25
  4. Robbos5:33
  5. _k8_6:13
  6. Ria26:40
  7. raysbaby6:53
  8. Lilinka6:59
  9. Lynetteoz7:14
  10. chriswestberry8:03


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Thanks for stopping by RitaTen and leaving a comment! Hope to hear from you again! ♥


I do not know the background story, but the picture is very impressive and touching emotions, thanks to the fact, chriswestberry!


I am so relieved to hear he got back inside safely Rosee and Chris :-))


Oh Lynette... I'm sorry if my comment came out that way! I wasn't upset at all! Please forgive me! I appreciate your feedback!! ☺☺ ♥♥

TR, I'm glad you liked the puzzle! ♥♥♥


I actually had to catch my breath looking at this picture. WOW. That man is very brave. I was curious about this picture, and looked it up. They say he came out to see if there was a rescue helicopter, saw it was the media and safely reentered the building. Really really a dramatic puzzle. Thanks for sharing it :-))


My apologies if I upset you with the comments I made about this picture Chris because it really is a speculator photo :-)


Thanks TG for taking the time to leave a comment... I appreciate the feedback! ☺☺☺


Great shot chris. Thanks


No Lynette I don't... I have a huge picture of this hanging in my living room... It was a gift from my co workers when I retired. I've always liked the picture... I hadn't heard that the man died... The picture had to be taken from a helicopter... maybe? Thanks for commenting. ☺


Amazing photo but it also gives me the creeps because I was told the man died because he could not hear the warnings. Do you have any information on this chriswestberry? :-)

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