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Hallo! (Groet) (a lot of pieces for jigidi extremists)

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  1. profcom54:07
  2. SGKU1:01:39
  3. je19721:11:26
  4. joschwa1:14:51
  5. gd521:15:25
  6. getjigidi1:18:35
  7. grosz1:21:24
  8. Suedewar1:22:43
  9. MomLSS1:23:08
  10. Copperdome20121:24:32


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Who cares if you call them extremists or not? People do the large puzzles because they enjoy the challenge.


There are puzzles with up to 9 000 pieces and more, and people buy them on Amazon and similar websites. They are all extremists ?
Maybe the english language is different but in the languages I know, french, spanish, italian or german, the words «extremists» and «extremism» have a very specific signification, and I am sure it does not apply to all the people on Jigidi who provide and solve the large puzzles.


I really do not like this expression, «extremists» for people who prefer «many-pieces-puzzles».
According to the dictionnary, extremists are persons who go to extremes, especially in political matters.
Synonyms for extremist : extreme, fanatic (or fanatical), rabid, radical, revolutionary, revolutionist, ultra
Words Related to extremist :subversive, violent, wild, reactionary
Really Joco, tell me what relation is there between an extremist and all the persons on Jigidi who solve many-pieces -puzzles ?
Do the creators of Jigidi agree with this «étiquette» ?

perhaps people who do large puzzles just enjoy a challenge! Thank you for this one.

I like them anyway !


I name people who solve puzzles with the highest amount of pieces possible: extremists
(according to your dictionary: persons who go to extremes)

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