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Kit Cat and his cool friend.

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  1. carrps3:04
  2. webpeggy3:16
  3. hamcar3:25
  4. Syke3:57
  5. diannez4:05
  6. babray4:18
  7. peggy664:22
  8. dianajnelson4:24
  9. ajandfran4:37
  10. beyondwords4:58


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Cute catch, Peggy!


Whatever breed Kit Cat's friend is it's nice that he has company. I have heard of a breed of cat that is known to be motionless forever. Thanks :o))


Beautiful Kit.
Alert eyes, lovely too.


No longer a tiny kitten but handsome as ever. Kit Cat is a gorgeous cat and as cool as his friend. 😻


He is a resin yard decoration I got for mom years ago. I just happened to catch Kit Cat in the same pose!


Is his cool friend animate or inanimate? And what are they both looking at?

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