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Courtyard Cacti

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One of the potted cacti in my front courtyard bloomed yesterday. A small flower, intricate and fragrant, and lasting only one day. I'm sure there are life lessons involved somehow, but yesterday, it was enough just to appreciate this one beautiful blossom.

Quail Creek, Arizona
July 2020
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:) My mum did have some night bloomers some time ago, but I remember that they were blooming early in the night. Might be that potted varieties have such behaviour (?).


Same here, Dulsineja. I get the cameral ready to go when the buds first appear and get out for the photos as soon as they bloom. I also have some night bloomers but am much too lazy to get up in the middle of the night to get the best shots.


Thank you again Toto. :) I have also learnt to set priorities when I see a plant blooming, especially if it is a rare and short occasion. ;)


I've quickly learned to stop what I'm doing and get the photo. These blooms only last one day.


Another beautiful flower. I am glad you did not wait to photograph it.


Hugs back my friend.


We certainly do that Toto, we have already been tested and are both negative. (for corona)
However, we will stay at home for a few more days, so that we can return to normal.
Big hug ! :-))) ♥


Welcome home, Raaike. Rest for a while after your trip to Sweden.


Toto, a nice greeting back from Belgium.
After a wonderful stay with our daughter in Sweden. :-))) ♥


I didn't see it Acnel, I'll go look for it now. Thanks.


Toto - yesterday I sent you a photo of a cactus with 13 flowers in the puzzles.


I love how delicate they are for such a seemingly vicious plant, Smlpkg.

We just moved in last April, Acnel. Many of the cacti were in pretty rough shape so have been doing my best to coddle them a bit. I get so jubilant over each blossom that they put out. Most of my new neighbors are probably convinced I'm already over the bend.

Absolutely, Chrissyliz, and makes me all the more content to have been here for it's one day of shining glory.

They do, Suzy. Jack has reached they point of letting me now that I am not allowed to name my cacti, although I quietly tell the one that filled his leg full of thorns what a good girl she is when I by.


Little surprises which bring delight. Poof! There it is! A fleeting moment of color in your courtyard, and you caught it!

All the more precious for it's brief flowering. You must be looking after it well.


I also have these cacti - once one cactus had 13 flowers.


So pretty!

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