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Sunday's Fall Medley! (med) *link to small in comments

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Dagmar - you picked the best one. I totally agree! thank you.


Top right is a real beauty. Loved the textures and colours. Thanks for a bit of morning fun. :))


Oh, gosh Jan. I'm not the kaleido guru! That'd be June! I'm just a kaleido creator that makes stuff she likes, and hopes others will too. I think we're both the same in that way. And if we're going to talk about praise, well YOU do the warm fuzzy sooooo much better than me.

But I'm glad you feel that way (even though I think you're a bit deluded LOL), and as always as am grateful to count you as a good friend. :)))


I was going to write something like.....well I can retire happily, now that the kaleido guru has praised my work. But, while that IS true, I want to say that I sincerely do appreciate how much you have encouraged me on Jigidi. It gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me so happy! I thank you! And I thank you for being a good friend! Jan

And my favorites? The lower left and the upper right.....for the details and clarity.


Oh Jan, I feel such a hypocrite!! After extolling your brown-lovin' virtues over on my puzzles, I have to 'fess up to adoring the 2 reds and the top left and middle right. They are just calling out to me, And can I also mention the amazing clarity in these images? They are beautiful, and I can well imagine how much work went into making them. Thank you for creating the beauty you do. :)))


Hanne and Faye - thank you so much! These turned out better than I expected. I'm beginning to think that I really like these colors! Glad you all seem to, too!


Love the pomegranates and the corn but my favourite is Ardy's choice. Great colours!


They are all SO extremely full of beauty and richness!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Then, it is official! That one is yours. I like the berries in it! Glad you had fun. This time of the year is so ripe with images. I love it!


Mariasha - these were awfully fun to gather together. Each had a different source image and I enjoyed compiling it. You are so very welcome!!


Jan, I sort of day dreamed my way through this one. Thinking about fall and Thanksgiving. These are so delightful. There is something about the top right that really touches me today. I love it best of all. Thanks.

These were exceptional in their depth and saturation of color...I loved every single one. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these lovelies!


Thanks, Hester - I love the images you created!


The centre bouquet of Iris is beautiful, Jan as are the fiery grasses alongside it. And as are the lovely lilac heathers on the other side.
Now you have us intrigued as to what is coming next! :-D


Thank You, Barb. The next "fall" ones I post are not what you expect!


Thanks for another autumn goody, Jan! :-)


Here is a link to the 49 piece puzzle:

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