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Blue - For the Ladies

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Marina thank you so much for taking the time to answer, I do look up figures on google but the situation is much clearer when you hear from a local. Closing some borders sounds like a good plan. I did not realise that about your ageing population and fewer children born. Thank you


To answer your question Jillian, about Covid-19 in Greece. We are OK in Athens, but there are increasing problems with incoming tourists especially from Balkan countries, most of new covid cases come from these countries!!!. The government is considering of closing the borders in the north of Greece, and allowing a very small amount of tourists in, if their covid test results are negative. If they are not, they send them back. I think we are going for sporadic lock downs.. You see the Greek population is aging, the majority is over 50 yrs old, so we can't afford getting infected and die..In the last 30 yrs very few children are born and couples don't want having big families.



Zumbachick I recall a line from Miss Marple in Agatha Christie’s books and she admired “sensible shoes” and I’m with her these days. ;-)


Thanks Lunie, appreciate that.


Jaklien yes we all ‘get it’ don’t we. Thanks for your comment


This matches her gown...Good choices today Jill.


At a certain age one doesn't wear stilts or just high heels, then flat shoes are a must. I think there are a lot of older people here. I understand them all.

Nice shoes

I used to wear pumps I can’t even wear them. Sneakers are the best


Deanna a quarter of an hour would be longer than I could last in these shoes these days. But hey I enjoyed them when I could and like looking at them ;-) Glad you also liked them. ☺️❤️


Jill, your offer of shoes for both women and men today is very elegant. Where are the times when I wore such high heels all day, today I would last about a quarter of an hour ... LOL ♥:))


Lol Rebekka yes I did understand what you meant but thanks for the clarification. That thought went through my mind when looking at these shoes also. Thank you ;-)


I'd love to see the two of them all dressed up, ready to go out. (Not the two shoes; the two people who are wearing the two pairs of shoes!) Thanks, Jill :-))


Irena when I was younger I had a love affair with shoes and had some amazing ones but these days it’s definitely sensible” shoes


Oh Ambassador you did make me chuckle out loud! I haven’t heard that word tinker for years, such a great describing word.


Lady Jillian, you have raided Sir Jerry’s wardrobe again you little tinker ! .......B


As a little girl, I wore my mom's high-heeled shoes. Now I prefer comfort.


Irena, I am so with you on that one these days. ☺️☺️


Beautiful shoes !!! I like. but I prefer to wear slippers and sneakers ☺


I hear ya solidrock ;-)) Thanks for visit


Pretty to look at, but not for my feet :0)


I agree Marina I really admire them but couldn’t wear them these days. Thanks How are things going these days in Greece?


Judy I hear you! In fact they would probably trip me these days ☺️☺️


Unfortunately that would be my response these days also Fishes Lol


Cyndi I am totally with you! Thanks and trust your WE is a good one also. ☺️


Wow! How elegant!!!!


These are pretty but they would wear me. :-)


Ouch! LOL


Lovely pair of shoes in the different tones of blue. Years ago I would have worn these but not any more. Hope you have a good day and wonderful WE.