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Ivan (the Terrible) acting nonchalant. He is related to Marshmallow (some how = born in the same barn three years apart). He got his nickname because he is a thief. He will carry around anything he can get his mouth on, including the metal sink drain strainer, scrubbies, dirty laundry (he takes the clean stuff out of any drawer or cupboard he can get in to, too!) and cellophane wrappers out of the trash. He is 2 years old now and still has not become a cat.
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  1. je9651427:23
  2. angeleyes196834:59
  3. kvkskl35:47
  4. Talana36:41
  5. Isabeau36:44
  6. brischi41:04
  7. alene142:49
  8. beyondwords43:30
  9. MMyers47:08
  10. cassiejkelly457:19


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Looks a good in less pieces too. 🥰


What a darling kitty. Thank you for the picture of Ivan (John). 🥰---11-4-23 Bev


He's gorgeous. Thank you for sharing his photo.

I don't get mad at him. I just keep picking up his messes knowing he will become a cat some day and settle down! (His "cousin" Marshmallow did when he got closer to 5!) Cats are good company and their antics (usually!) bring a smile to my face!

He is adorable so I would not be able to get mad at him.


Wonderful photo of this mischievous guy. Thanks for the description of his antics. I'm smiling as I wonder how you cope. ~Patsy

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14 November 2020 - 16 July 2016
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