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Layla - this morning.

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Thanks Nicki - and I'm pleased you're feeling better :)) Layla's facial expressions say heaps about her mood :))))


It's amazing how the same cat can actually look different, isn't it?! Thank you for your kind comment on Tasha's birthday puzzle. I hadn't been online for a while due to health probs, so it was a lovely surprise to see a 10star puzzle!


Thanks Shirley - she changes minute to minute :))))


Layla is bright eyed and bushy tailed when the one on the right was taken, a more subdued lady in the other, Layla is a lovely cat, Thanks, Rob.


I'm at Holland Park West Sharon- so it's not too far away!! Jan - RetiredJan lives down at the Redlands at Ormeau, so it's good to know Brisbane is well represented on Jigidi!! Pets without Partners is really good - they let you trial a cat too - which I'd never heard of before! Hope you find a nice cat soon - cheers Rob:))


Hi Robyn. Yes I live in BrisVegas. Southside at Heritage Park. I will check out Pets Without Partners..thank you so much for sharing the tip. Got to love their name - it' s catchy!! At least they are genuine also and not a fraud scheme. I nearly got caught last week in a fraud cat adoption scheme. Hope you have a great day and take care. :~))

I hope you don't mind - I dressed your avatar for St Patrick's Day


She has dozens of expression Beekay - and they change instantly :))) We even had a dog who smiled - truly :)) He was a Dachshund who used to greet us by roo-rooing and lifting his top lip:)) It was terrific!!

Thanks Laura :))

LOL!! No siree Dave - she'd never let us do that :))) You'll have to post us a Nami puzzle again - I'd love to see her!! Thanks!


She's as beautiful as ever..and don't you forget it!! Her face and expression is so like our Nami's.


She is a gorgeous baby!


Yes, there is that disgusted, don't bother me look and the other is the I'm curious about that look.
Someone once said to me that animals didn't have expressions. I just laughed at him.


Wow Spricey - that's a lot of cats available!!!!! So do you live in Brisbane? Wacol is the main RSPCA centre for the whole SE Queensland area!! You must live nearby!!
Layla is a rescue cat - we got her from Pets without Partners, and they have a web site if you'd like to look it up. They are very good & caring people & match up cat temperaments with new owners - Layla was really shy & reclusive and was to go to a home with no young children or rowdy pets. Here's hoping you find the right one for you!!! Thanks!

Thanks catslave - we think so too:)))

Thanks Patti:))

Thanks Florrie :)))

LOL!! She just ups and walks away snooker :))) Thanks!

Thanks Suzy :))


That's one sleek and gorgeous Layla!

Very alert and she is probably telling you to put that camera away. :)


Beautiful Layla!


Oh Layla, you have grown into a beautiful young kitty! She is so beautiful robryan!


Well Layla you are one pretty fine lady. Seems like you have your human properly trained too!! Robyn I decided it might be time to get a kitty in the house so checked with the RSPCA at Wacol and I could not believe this - they have 750 cats and kittens available to be adopted. Here I was thinking it's out of kitten season they won't have many. That is a ridiculously high number of stupid irresponsible people represented in those numbers.


Thanks Barb - she's sick of the camera I think :))) She gets that 'not again!' look:))))


Thanks Kirsten and Janet - we think so too - but we're a BIT biased :)))))


Layla is beautiful, Rob.... :))) Thank you for sharing her :)


She is gorgeous, Rob. A beautiful cat, so pretty,
hugs, janet


She really is beautiful, Rob! Thanks for sharing her with us. (•‿•)


Thanks Floyd :)))


Thank you Rob and Jeremy for sharing your pride and joy.
Great looking friend to have in the house.


Thanks Gail - she's all of those things, and also capricious, quirky and downright clownish at times :)))) and , you're right...we are the slaves :))))


I can tell that this is one intelligent, curious and very aware cat, Robyn. Her markings are perfectly aligned. Nice big ears, and a lovely white snout makes you one lucky slave.


Thanks Katbalou - she's queen of the house :))) and quite the talker too - she makes lots of different noises! Her tummy is snowy white too!! Thanks :)))


I love Layla's markings -- great "necklace" (2 strands!), the white that accentuates her nose and mouth so beautifully, and the white dash beneath each ear. One truly gorgeous kitty. Do you think she is aware of it? :) Thanks for the puzzle.


Thanks jyl - she's a smart one alright :))) Thanks for stopping by to comment!!


Gorgeous cat--and she looks pretty smart, too! TFS

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