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Name the jigidiers part 7

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9 pieces
142 solves
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oddio ladywil PLG (Patti)
Lanty Daisyjune JCarroll (Jim)
jayhawk Colind4 elliwelli
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  1. laurajane0:05
  2. marunka2770:06
  3. Brie16480:06
  4. Ribs0:07
  5. ralphwt0:07
  6. snooker0:07
  7. Robbos0:07
  8. andie9830:07
  9. JM_Cookie0:07
  10. Gladstone0:09


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Thanks for sharing!


Look at all those little darlings!

And another one after this, Shirley. Have a pic for a 9th one too if I can ever get enough to do it.


Wow another nine little cute faces, Thanks snooker.

Have aggie. Still need 1 more. Thanks, Nev. :)

Thanks for your photo, Mimi. Love it. The names are posted under each collage as they are guessed by everyone.

Nev, you are a great hunter. Thank you. Have 8 right now and need 1 more. :)


Wow, these are great Snooker though I didn't guess anybody correctly! :))

Yes, Marry. Impie was on #6 - bottom right corner. Thank you.


Do you have Impie, Pat?

Thanks, Maria. ♥

Nev, I thought I was finished too but they just kept on arriving. :) Have Ruby's photo saved and I thank you again for all your help. :)


More beautiful Jigidi friends, thank you snooker!

Have no plans to do that, warb. :)


A neat thing is these are all here for posterity, unless you delete them.

Thank you, ladywil. You were a lovely little girl in your photo. :)\
Glad you like it, Nicky. If you have a littlie photo, post it and it will be in the next collage.


A great collage. Thanks snooker.


Lovely collage, Pat..


I await to see the comments on that prediction! LOL!

That's a new one. Have 3 now. :) Think everyone will be tired of it before we hit 99. :)


do you have this one? - are we going for 99?

Thanks everyone. Glad you like them. Have 2 more photos already. If you haven't posted a baby photo you better do it soon. :)


Real nice all these collages Pat. Love it. ♥


You are doing a fine job with these, snook!!!


Another fabulous group of tiddlers! You're on a roll snooker! Thanks.


Another great set of mini-me's snooker:)))) Thanks :)))


And the youthful Jigidi-ers continue to arrive on the scene. Thanks for doing this snooker.

Thanks, Marry.


☺☺☺ Way to go Pat!

Thanks, Patti. And there is also 1 more for another puzzle if I survive that long. :)

Right you are, Suzy.

Hi, Daisyjune. They turned out quite well and the girls were all so cute. Now Walter is another matter though I am quite fond of the old curmudgeon.


Hmmm. I think I can guess some of them. Who would have guessed that top one would have turned out to be so grouchy looking, right? Ha! Nice job, snooker.


Oddman and family?


Wow, Snooker, you got enough for another puzzle so quickly!!! Great work!!!

Clue - the last 4 are related and all on jigidi.


Late to this party! My guesses have been guessed!
Another group of lovelies! :)

Very good. The names are put under the puzzle once they are correctly guessed.


Colin elliwelli - BOTTOM RIGHT.


Middle right jcarroll (Jim)


Jim Carroll 2nd row right

Doing good so far. :)


LadyWil, Middle top....


Patti/PLG top right....


bottom middle has to be Colin. Bottom right Ellimelli
Goodnight everyone - good hunting! 01.19 here - oops

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