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Ball boys are ready...

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Dear Janet, it will also be difficult for him to enter France - Roland Garros - without an inoculation certificate.
There is also a lot of coverage here regarding the tennis player in the News ;-) ♥


He has been packed off home. He should have obeyed the rules like all the other tennis players. Australian people were getting very tired of all the fuss. ♥



Enjoy it, alias!


Definitely, Ianto!

Many meetings is held digital these times. Perhaps he could participate via Teams? :D

This weekend I enjoy watching World Championships in para snow sports. They impress me.



Justice was done: Djokovic loses ultimate court case and is deported from Australia.
Good for all the people who entered Australia legally without lying.


Val, everything in the world is about money. Wondering if Australia will give in! ♥


Jaklien there does seem to be two sets of rules if you have money you can argue longer. ☺♥



Ianto, me too!


Really Carol? :-))
Thanks, I find you a funny lady too ♥

I would like to thank those that live in Australia for sharing photos, in puzzle form.


Jaklien, love your sense of humor!


Sissel, I hope so too!


Putem and Lia, I would so love to have gone to Australia one day, but by now I am quietly getting way too old.
I follow all the travel programs on TV and internet of Oceania, I love it! ♥



I hope he has the same rules as "normal people" - thanks Jaklien :-))))


Jaklien, you are right.
I had the radio on yesterday, and they said that he would be sent out.
Later, on t.v. / radio I heard all is uncertain yet!! Just as you wrote!

Putem: I won't go to Australia either. But... it has nothing to do with rules or tennis and a lot more with age and money!!

I will never go to Australia again.

Well we wait them.

A regular person that was found to lie, would never have been let in in the first place.


@Lia there is no final decision yet!


@Ianto There will be no response before Sunday, the tournament starts the day after. Also lied twice on his form, a 'normal' person would have been sent back long ago!

Rules are there for a reason. I'm sure that he will.


Indeed Lil ;-)


He has today been sent out of the country!!
I say huurah. Others will be sad I suppose!


@jerrys @Ianto If he is admitted this will be a precendent for all those who want to enter Australia without a vaccination certificate or a valid doctor's certificate. It is a travesty for those who follow the law!
The super rich are often allowed a little more! We shall see, I am following closely.

very timely and funny - thanks!


I agree, dudecat ;-)


Thanks Ianto. He's going to appeal!


Thanks Jerry.

True. All rules, for everyone.

Wonderful 😂😂


@Ianto Ought to have. Rules should (and so seldom do) apply to everyone.

I think that his visa got cancelled. Again.


@Jaklien Ha ha ha ha! Excellent

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