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There isn't a vicious bone in her body. Someone filed down her four big teeth in the front &
she has a chunk missing from her ear, so she has not had a good life until now. She will
be my forever girl. Love to Artus & Micky from Bishka.


Vicious? No of course not. It's just how you handle them. I had Bouviers. People are afraid for them. I really don't understand. They are very sweet. ♥


They are NOT vicious ,it's just the way the Nazis used them that gave them a bad name..They are similar to any breed,gentle and affectionate if you look after them properly and don't beat them but of course they are watch dogs and they will protect you if they think you are threatened.
People should think twice about what they say..Poor Bishka and Artus...


It doesn't matter that she is so friendly, she can scare anyone who sees her. People say
why did I get a GS as they are vicious, and then when they come here she gives kisses to
everyone. Another misjudged breed.


Well Pat she definitely is a watch dog.I wouldn't dare come in without being invited although I know she is sweet too..TFS


Thanks Ardy, glad you liked the pictures. The gate is there to block the patio door when
it is open, so she don't go through the screen when she see something out there. I have
an oven rack there so when I open the window she doesn't put her foot through the
screen as she did once before.


Bishka, you look very ready to defend Pat and all this is hers. Thanks, Pat. I really enjoyed the pictures.


Beautiful, looks like a shepherd? Waiting patiently for you to remove the gate?