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Little Kitty, in her cat tunnel, from Santa!

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Little Kitty enjoying her new cat tunnel. (If you're a NE Patriots fan, you might like the Christmas stocking.)


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tinyandstaff...I'm very surprised you remember the story of Mister and Little Kitty, coming to our home in a bitterly cold snow storm...back in January 2007!!! Tomorrow will be 4 years since Mister passed-away! He was our handsome boy and we miss him, still. Thank God we still have Little Kitty. She's spoiled rotten and very much loved (as ALL animals should be)!

'Glad to hear that Misty and Angus had a wonderful Christmas! 'Bet they had a ball, in the Christmas tree...hunting for the pieces of turkey, chicken and prawns! Are they a bit spoiled??? (ha-ha-ha) ~ Yes, pets are such a wonderful blessing, from God. I'd hate to think of how terrible this world would be if God did not create animals!


I still remember the beautiful story of Little kitty and Mister. this beautiful little girl and Mister were such a wonderful pair. and that story has stuck with me for ages. and how you found and cared for and loved them dearly. gods creatures and indeed such a wonderful blessing.
Misty and Angus had a wonderful Christmas. I dressed the tree with the normal decorations, but added pieces of turkey, chicken, and prawns and replaced them nightly. they had a ball. they had the tree over numerous times, but not one ornament broken. was delightful calling , and seeing a little head appear out of the tree.
Its hard to imagine that we could love them any more than we already do. they are such a blessing


Lynetteoz...Thanks, as always, for your very nice comments. Yes, I think more puzzles, of Little Kitty, will follow. I hope all has been well, with you! God bless!

nanlein...Thanks, for your nice comments! Yes, Little Kitty's tail is very is most of her body. It's a good thing that she enjoys being BRUSHED!!!


She is a beauty! Her tail looks extremely soft. thanks for sharing Little Kitty!


Lovely to see Little Kitty again Helen. Will you be putting her on jigidi regularly or is this a one off? She is very beautiful :-)