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Female Cardinal sending Well Wishes to Tugman John

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Hello dear John so happy happy to see you here xxx hope all gone well xxx god bless dear friend and take it e-a-s-y ... hugs


thankstoeveryone wishing me the best on Kate's puzzle. as you can tell i'm stillon a long morphing trip!lol


Please lord keep our dear John safe in the palm of your loving hand amen xxx


Thanks so much Michelle!!! Wishing the best for him!!! hugs too!!! :-)))


I am also sending get well wishes for dear John on this lovely puzzle xx lol and hugs


Isn't she proud?! They are quite amazing creatures!! :-)
Thanks for commenting, delanee!


Love her crest...


Will do for sure!!!


Katy, please let me know when you post more of her photos :))
Like I said, she does absolutely amazing photos. I was just amazed at her work!!


Thanks Ducky!! I told her you had really bragged on her photos and she was so pleased!!! I'm going to start posting some more jigs of her photos - hope to start next month.

I chose this one especially because John doesn't have cardinals in Wales. Isn't that sad?! I love them so. Great hearing from you! :-)))


What a stunning photo!!

Yes, we will miss John and wish him all the best :))

hanks so much for posting this delicious photo Katy and darn your Sister takes fantastic photos :))


Amazing how often............................

Thank you for posting and thank Sis for a lovely photo. :-))

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