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Dianthus ...and diamonds!!

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Freshly watered Dianthus sparkling in the sunshine - at Roma St Parklands on Sunday morning.

Brisbane, Australia.
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Thanks Shirley - and I hope you get some more rain soon:))) We just had the sky come over pitch black - and got 10mm - 40points - so that keeps the garden happy:)))

Thanks Maureen - I'm pleased you liked them:))

Thanks Suzy, Sally, smllpkg and Florrie :))




Gorgeous... Love the little frilly edges and the two tone colouring.... Thanks, Rob.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


A very hardy and pretty flower-especially when wearing fine jewelry!


These are a very pretty color robryan,well worth planting.
They are like miniature carnations,and they make a wonderful display,in the garden.


Sweet little flowers, I love their shiny diamonds, my garden is looking for some more diamonds again, Thanks, Rob.


Thanks Barb - my pleasure:))

Thanks Jacki - the sparkling water was what caught my eye:))

Thanks Janet:)) These just looked so fresh and shiny in the sun:)))


Gorgeous Dianthus (and a little Vinca has sneaked into the photo too) thanks Rob. I had some for years and years and love them in the garden. I have a little pot now, very similar colours, but not as fluffy as these. Hugs to you.


one of my very favorites, it all its many forms and colors. they don't last too long around here though, too much rain. i think of them more as annuals and then don't take it so hard if they don't come back. thanks for the puzzle .


So pretty in their bi color dresses...thank you Rob for the photo :)


I decided not to kneel down on the wet grass to smell them Beekay:)))) Thanks:)))


Aw, I love dianthus. They smell so nice :-)))


Then I'm pleased to show it to you Lunie:))) Thanks :)))


Something i haven't seen color of Dianthus Rob...they are just lovely!


They certainly caught my eye Lyndee:))) Thanks :))

Thanks Dave - I was a bit surprised to still find them sparkling as it was about 10AM and 30C - 86F - so the automatic sprinkler must have been on recently:)))

Thanks snooker - so did I:))) LOL!!

Noticed the water droplets right away too. Lovely photo.


Wonderful two-tone look to this one!! I got photos of two different dianthus this evening but not in this color combo. The water drops are cool!!!


Very pretty!

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