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Claude Monet - Camille Monet in the Garden at Argenteuil, 1876 (May17P11)

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Camille Doncieux Monet (1847 - 1879) has been Monet's model since they met in 1865.

Monet and Camille married on 28 June, 1870.

2nd of a set of painting of Camille by Claude Monet. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

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It sure did Jason! Thank you very much! :-D


You are welcome, Donna.

I am happy that this painting has inspired you to paint today.


Lovely! Now I'm all inspired to paint today! Cheers & Thank you! :-D


This painting is charming.
I like it, too.

Have a lovely day, Eagleboi.

Be safe and well, always,

Best regards,


Another Monet and one of my favorites, thank you, peace be with you


Thank you - and I wish the same to you.


Oh yes, it does, Dulsineja :-)

May we all enjoy better times soon.

Keep safe and well, my friend.


This painting really invites one to get out and breathe. I think we need it even more in this "strange" year. I wish you a good time, too.


Oh, Dulsineja, I have actually forgotten about this painting. So, thank you for writing a lovely comment after you have solved this puzzle :-)

The way that you described how you feel about this garden, makes me want to take a stroll through this lovely place and enjoy the greenery and lovely views while being close to nature and having the bonus of a cool breeze.

I wish you a wonderful weekend, Dulsineja.

Best regards,


I can feel such a fresh breeze going through this garden. It must have been Sunday. ;)


Hello, Nicco.

Thank you so much for visiting my Monet paintings :-)

I am happy to know that you like his paintings, too.


I find his paintings so calming and peaceful.


Thank you Donna for visiting me at both jasonchung and jasonchung2.

I am glad that you like the Butterflies Puzzles which I have drawn.

Thank you for your compliment. My "talent" is nothing compared to that of so many great puzzle creators.

I have just posted another mosaics puzzles at jasonchung2. It is Graphic Designs which I have drawn on the computer and a different style of puzzle from what I have drawn and created at that particular site of mine.

If you like to solve that puzzle in a Small Size, just let me know and when I have collected 4 different puzzles, I will then post all the 4 on the same day.

See you and take good care of yourself, Donna.


Thank you, Jason, for posting this lovely set of 4 paintings of Camille in such beautiful surroundings. I also had a lot of fun solving your butterflies puzzle. It seems that you are a man of many talents. Warm regards, Donna


Lin, even if one day, I do not wish to post any more puzzles at jasonchung (hopefully that will not happen), I will know what I can still do for you.

I will continue posting as long as I do not receive any negative comments on my postings, which so far, I have only received positive ones for which I am grateful and thankful to all solvers who have written lovely comments.


You do what is FUN for you, my friend. There are still enough of your Monet's to see me thru for quite a long time. True a few others do such postings but not my all of yours are. Puzzles catching my eye on JC2, yes I'll drop you a note. Already have, but...alas have failed to keep track. Sorry.
Blessings for a good day for you, my friend♥


Lin and Wendy, especially my Butterflies Puzzle and Thank You Solvers Puzzle which I have drawn and coloured on the computer.


Dear Lin and Wendy,

Do visit me at jasonchung2 and if you like to have any one of the puzzles posted in a smaller size just drop me a note at that particular puzzle and once I have gathered 4 different puzzles, I will then post them and tag you/both of you to your selected puzzles. (I prefer to post 4 puzzles at a time).

See you, ladies. Jason.


Dear Lin⭐ , you are one of the few friends who do truly understand me and keep a lookout for my well-being.

I know that I must not over-exhaust myself (as it is just not worth it). That is the reason I prefer to concentrate on jasonchung2 where I have more satisfaction posting my own puzzles as they are my own creations, therefore they are all original and are one of a kind - unlike sourcing images from the internet, especially paintings which have often or will be repeated over and over again by admirers of artistic works (which in a way is excellent as it keeps the painters "alive" in our memory and solvers, therefore, can have their favourite paintings as puzzles.)

Very soon, I will post only when I really have time at jasonchung as there are already a lot of Monets being posted on Jigidi, so solvers will only be seeing paintings that they have already seen before.

I will definitely take your advice, Lin. In fact, I have been thinking about it the whole afternoon before I read this comment of yours tonight. How timely.

Your good friend and Kristi's adorer, Jason.


Jason - Love you dearly...however, I DO wish you could/would slow your pace a bit. You ARE stretching yourself pretty darn thin.
I'm inclined to think all your 'regulars' would tend agree with me there, young man! ♥


You are very welcome, Bev.

Glad that you enjoyed the 4 paintings, too :)


You are very welcome, Wendy. Good to see and hear from you, again :)

Glad that you love solving all the 4 paintings on Camille.

Warm regards, Jason.


You are absolutely correct, Lin. The year is 1870. (It was late and I was really tired, but have to rush out these 4 postings as I have a promise to keep which was already a day too late).

Thank you my dear Lin for spotting the error and letting me know.

Glad that you adore this set of 4 paintings on Camille.

Warm regards, Jason.


Thank you Jason. I ditto Wendy. It is a nice surprise. 5-27-17...4:14 p.m.


What a wonderful surprise to open up Jigidi this morning and find the four wonderful Monet paintings. I loved doing them all. Thank you so much Jason...............Wendy


I ADORE this set, Jason. Thank you VERY much♥
(Think we might have a little 'typo' on marriage date, my dear?)

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