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Late bloomer ... Aquilegia

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I was doing a bit of weeding and cutting in the front garden. I cut the stalks of the finished Aquilegias (emptied the seedheads over the ground☺) when I discovered these few blooms next to my Aucuba plant. They were almost hidden by the large leaves of my Aucuba.
Such a nice surprise to have some beautiful Aquilegia flowers (white & pink accents) blooming in the second half of July!!!
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  2. liertje19781:05
  3. babray1:10
  4. 4wings51:14
  5. Impie1:20
  6. Olya1:21
  7. gemstone1:26
  9. Kayker1:29
  10. schutkleur1:30


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Dank je voor je compliment schutkleur! ☺♥


Hele mooie foto ook!!! ☺♥


Thank you, Ella, yeah, if I hadn't done some gardening at the front yesterday I probably totally ds missed it being this fresh and beautiful. The view to it from the path was as good as blocked by my Aucuba shrub's leaves! These last flowers and buds grow on the lower part of the stalk which I had cut after the blooms were done abt. 10 days ago!! I did spread the seeds in this area, so hopefully next year I'll get even more of these beauties! After these are done and the seadheads have dried out, I'll save the seeds and make a little bag with the 'right' name on it!LOL


Very pretty! Don't think I've seen white Aquilegia before. What a nice surprise to have a late bloomer like this one!


Oh yes, GG, she is, thank you!☺☺

Thank you, lurdo, makes one wonder why she was hiding under the Aucuba leaves, doesn't it?:)

Extremely beautiful, so delicate


How pretty! ☺☺


Thanks, Faye, yes, I treasure it and try to save the seeds and see if I can sow them next year! 💕💕💕


Oooohhhhh, so delicate! And such a soft pink... 💕💕💕


Thank you, lfh, glad you like them too!


They're exquisite! thanks Impie.

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