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Walking up the Ridonjihra - we move fast! Lappland.

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  1. viktorie2:08
  2. franca19472:58
  3. eliskaruza3:00
  4. RedRor3:27
  5. 2jack4:34
  6. Plumpossum4:38
  7. Cynny15:22
  8. wozzles5:25
  9. ringleader5:31


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Indeed, and very as it's steep we very soon have a good view!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Well if we can't move fast we will move slow, pity but it's the way it is. And if we move slow we have more time to look around. Lovely.


Indeed we can't move fast!! It's awfully steep and slippery here so we have to move being absolutely careful where to put our feet. I really don't know why we didn't take more pictures then, and yes, I know!! We had some heavy showers on our way up and we were soaking wet, so we decided to mount as fast as possible. Today there won't be any showers, so we'll take it easy. When we come up, you will be able to see the view!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


How can we move fast when there is so much to see? Didn't even notice the mixed up profiles. Guess I never paid much attention to what you posted where. Thanks for this.


Sorry, I've got my profiles mixed up today, do hope you find out!!

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