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Fall Wildflowers, Flagstaff AZ

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96 pieces
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  1. brgo6:43
  2. exploderator6:53
  3. nabbydog7:06
  4. kadho7:58
  5. WVHillbillytoo9:28
  6. pathomas9:43
  7. peasterberg10:02
  8. Gme10:29
  9. kamil10:42
  10. Arlena10:57


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Oh no-o-o! Another dead puppy! Maybe if you and I, WVH can beat the Exploderator just one time.... Seems to me a challenge has been issued! Expl., we still enjoy doing your puzzles, as you come up with good ones! Thanks for sharing this one!

I could do better than I usually do, except that my hubby is constantly coming into the room with some tidbit of gossip or to see if I want a cuppa coffee. Each time, I forget to pause the puzzle and have to keep losing small amts. of time each time it happens. I never race against anyone except myself. The older I get, the more I lose. I just love doing puzzles. It's fun to make the LB, but not a necessity for me. I like to pull your chain because you're so dang fast. I get a small thrill when I see you second in place. Some puzzles are just too busy for my eyes, and I don't even attempt those.
I'm sure sorry about those little puppies, but I'm a bird lover, so I'd do better if he were killing birds. I'll get it all figured out some day. Thanks for the info. connie

Oh yeah Connie, one last thing: every time you lose a puzzle (not the fastest on Jigidi), Satan kills a puppy. The blood is on your hands, you horrible horrible person...

No, in all seriousness, I can talk about being fast all day, but the whole point is fun, and you are clearly having lots of it, so puzzle on! The important thing is not getting fast times, it is doing the puzzles in a way that gets you inside the image, and having fun doing the puzzles in a way you like doing them. For me, the speed just comes with the focus that gets me inside the picture like a meditation, and that is what I like. I spend less time "operating the computer", and more time just exploring pieces of the image.

Hey Connie, the thing about handling pieces twice isn't a strict rule, and it applies the least while assembling the edges and/or grouping the first very distinct batch of pieces, like the sky. My goal of starting with the window shrunk down, is to get all the pieces packed in the middle, so there's lots of working space around the outside, but the pieces are still drawn big enough to see clearly. But then the pieces are usually a little over-packed in the middle, covering each other up. It's a balance between having free space, versus too many hidden pieces.

By starting with pulling out and assembling edges and sky (usually very distinct, blue stands out), you immediately end up with less clutter on the remaining pile, which fixes the balance so you can see most pieces in the middle pile. I still often drag pieces a short distances just to un-stack them as needed, unless I can spot where to put a piece directly when I pick it up.

The biggest thing to avoid is what I always used to do, which is pre-sort all the pieces by color and shape, then assemble the puzzle. Every time you can just pick up a piece, and drop it into place with some other pieces it fits, you save a bunch of time.

I just can't do my puzzles the way you do. I have to manipulate the pieces more than once. I'll never learn your tricks. Very nice puzzle here. Thanks for posting it. connie


Greetings from Mesa!

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