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Gizmo & Kalea

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Brother & sister (Gizmo is in front)
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  1. kat931179:04
  2. Syke9:29
  3. slavka111:33
  4. twistid_lizzie12:02
  5. spartabob12:49
  6. essendonbendigo13:01
  7. Wraavr14:10
  8. iss4616:24
  9. jigsy16:34
  10. lindaleigh17:24


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You are welcome. I'm always game to talk about our cats. We currently have just the 3 - Gizmo, Kalea, and Mia. My profile pic is of Ebony, one of the 6 cats we had prior to the current batch.


Oh, my goodness your black cat (profile photo) looks just like our little 'Mushu'. Thank you for answering my question about your gorgeous Gizmo and Kalea. Such unique coloring. I love it. Thank you. Judi


They are Flame-Point Siamese mixes. Gizmo is actually more tan but Kalea has the red tones in her points (ears, nose & tail). Both have gorgeous blue eyes. They are very sweet but also love getting into mischief.


Are Gizmo and Kalea considered pale Gingers or are they a Siamese blend? Such an unusual color. Judi

They are adorable . Are they littermates.


So cute. Thank you for sharing these darlings. Judi

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