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4 x 4

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A very nice kaleido, Kirsten. Glad you like them all. Thanks ❁◡❁


Thank you, Diane. I'm glad you like it :)


A lovely set, Barb! I like them all, but especially the second in from the bottom right. Thank you. (❛ᴗ❛)




I'm happy to hear a good comment....thank you for loving them all, DWCat :)


No favorite, love them all. Thanks for posting.


You are most welcome, thank you, MomCat :)


Robbie, I'm happy to hear you are "in business" and can have fun on Jigidi. Thank you for this solve and have fun solving the larger one :)


So glad to hear you are enjoying my puzzles so thank you for telling me, Driftwood43 :)


I always enjoy these sets. Thanks!


I enjoyed this beauty Barb and going for the larger one tonight. Thank you!

Thank you so much for these lovely puzzles--I really do enjoy the shapes and the colors.


Latifa, you are a sneaky managed to get in between the comments! I'm happy to send a whole set to you too.... and you are so right, they must be magical, practicing hocus-pocus because I always have enough for everyone....LOL Thank you very much :)


Ardy, the whole set is on the way and your first choice is delightful....thank you for the solve. Your weather nowadays is very close to mine. It is 89 by me and this supposed to be the top but it will get warmer by afternoon, I'm sure. It always does. Have a great time with your company....we will miss you. Hugs.


You are very welcome, ruthellen. Thank you for your nice comment :)


Beautiful ♥ All of them ♥ I'm afraid I need a whole set too :D I'm so glad they magically reproduce so that's possible :D Thanks for a delightful solve!


Barb, these are all so gorgeous but the bottom left is tops for me. A whole set would be delightful though. Thanks. It's 87 now feeling like 90 - so humid. I have reset my thermostat so my company won;t smother when they get here. Can hardly wait to get off to the beach. Have a wonderful week. Hugs.

Thank you for this lovely puzzle.

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