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Hilda. "Whoa!!"

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Dear "Jigidiers",

To me, and the hundreds who enjoy Hilda's adventures, she represents beauty, fun, inclusiveness, innocence, kindness and the love of life. She brings a little joy and a smile to our day.

I correspond privately with a number of those who follow her puzzles and know that the majority are like me, "getting on" in years, and are housebound due to medical conditions or a variety of other reasons. Hilda brings a bit of fleeting relief from the real world.

Please know that I don't post Hilda, because she is very slightly overweight, or to ridicule those who may be a little plump, or to deride or degrade anybody. I post her puzzles because they show an adventurous and courageous spirit, who is alone, who loves animals and nature, and who is quite beautiful both inside and out.

A kind wish, Paddy.
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First, and only, time I went hunting I used a 12 gage double. Both barrels went off at same time with the stock 2 inches from my shoulder. The rest of my life I have been an avid trout fisherman.

I still wonder what sort of powder she used. I have used muzzle loaders with black powder off and on for over seventy years and never seen black smoke, Always white. But I agree with CapeGirl's advice. It is sound. Left foot forward and lean into it. I am not surprised she was unbalanced, bless her!


Good thing that can's not returning fire. Hilda needs some range time.


Thanks for all the comments, they gave me a good chuckle.


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Tuck that in tight against your shoulder Hilda, it won't have such a kick.


Must be the first time you shot a rifle. They do have kickbacks. Please be careful where you point that thing! And don't shoot yourself in the foot!


I can relate to Hilda's shooting. Good thing puppy was not by the fence. Ha ha! Thanks for another cutie.

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