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Cosmos or Cosmea

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Taken between showers yesterday! ☺☺
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  1. Juanca28101:14
  2. liertje19781:30
  3. babray1:36
  4. 4wings51:59
  5. tisketsmum2:01
  6. Olya2:03
  7. EllaMB2:12
  8. Lynetteoz2:22
  9. Atsutsa2:26
  10. Pekaji2:26


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Hi, Anne. Thank you for sharing your news of the mom and little kittens. You're in a similar situation as Marilyn (canoekaw) she has a mom cat and little kittens in her garden too. She's also trying to win their trust sothat when she'll get them she can take the mom and the kittens to a shelter where she can be spayed and hopefully domesticated and they all will get good forever homes.
Good luck with the adventure. I hope Ian will succeed in his good work!♥

Thank you, Patsy, Yes, this is a nice baby pink colour!
Yesterday we again had such stormy weather and so much rain in the afternoon. It feels like Fall! This morning we again had pouring rain. This last week we've had so much water coming's a surprise my plants aren't floating yet!☺

@Impie Nice shot. A delicate pink in soft lighting.
Sorry some of your plants and flowers have been bashed by water and wind. Some of us would love to have some of your water.

@Atsutsa It's great for those kittens and their mom that you're looking out for them. If you have a chance, post a photo and an update. Good luck to Ian.


Hi, Impie. I wanted to share that our three little kittens and their mom have designated our back yard (walled in except for the wire fence in one spot (we leave that gate open) and the iron work gate to the back yard....allows small animal access but all coyotes must stay out! Anyway Mom and children stayed the afternoon and early evening for play, sleeping in the sun and eating twice. They are getting accustomed to our looking at them through windows, although they also tolerate Ian's putting the food out and changing the water. Mom brought the boy, a large (by comparison) black and white, and two girls, a calico and a grey and white. Mom herself is black and white with flecks of orange around the black . Ian will be trying to catch them this weekend for transport to the humane care place where they will all become neutered and the kittens sold with mom being returned to the neighborhood. I know it's the right thing to do, but....I'm a softee....but letting Ian do the right thing. I'll try to get some pics.


She's sweet, isn't she, nillie, thank you. Thanks and good night to you too and have a nice weekend ♥♥


Lovely variant! Thank you Impie, good night and have a nice weekend ♥♥


Thank you, Lynetteoz, yes, I fully agree :-)


Pretty and delicate pink and love its frilly petals Impie :-)


Thank you, Anne.

You're welcome, Olya. I enjoy sharing it with you!

That's for sure,Ella, I wish I could transfer ours to you. We have had so much water pouring down since last weekend. Today was dry and sunny, but since yesterday we have had stormy wind again. It's very annoying to see how the Buddleia and the Hydrangea got bashed back amf forth. Right now @10:25pm it's almost windstill!:-)


Showers make plants very happy! My plants love showers, but they have to have to put up with sprinkler showers. :-)


Thank you for bringing beauty into our lives, Impie!


Peacefully beautiful.

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