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Ladybirds' Picnic (small)

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They're not bugs, and they certainly aren't birds. Might be best if we all settle for 'beetles'. There are good ones and bad ones, and they come in a rainbow of colours and are always a delight to the eye.
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Thanks for that, Kirsten. Ardy's experience sounded nasty. I'm glad it can't happen here.


I just did a really quick bit of Google research, and it looks like there are different types of ladybirds around the world. From what I read, the Australian ladybirds aren't known to bite. But some of the other species in other countries do....... Lucky us! (❛ᴗ❛)


Smiles to you, Jason.


Glad you liked it Kirsten. I've always been happy to see them, but I'm sorry to hear about their biting. What a shame!


Goodness me, Ardy and Lady Wil. I didn't know they bit, but I have been bitten by another sort of beetle and I didn't like it at all! Having a reaction would make it so much worse.


Love the ladybirds!! And they are so good in the garden - eating all those nasty aphids, scale bugs and mites. Yay for ladybirds!! And yay you, for posting the fun puzzle, Fay. (❛ᴗ❛)


And yes the ladybugs do bite. They can be nasty. I am happy that they are all on your side for the picnic


They are having a grand picnic, Fay. I love the red ones in my garden. I had a bad reaction once when one got caught in the short sleeve of a blouse and bit me several times on my shoulder before I could get it out. We call them Ladybugs. Thanks, Fay. Lovely puzzle.



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