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2nd Snow in 10 Days ... this is Texas folks! NOT FUN!

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Well, here it is and still snowing ... boo! Hiss!
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  1. wbewe3:39
  2. m2_mm3:51
  3. babray4:19
  4. Impie4:20
  5. debdaz4:49
  6. Zwergentroll5:01
  7. calluna5:35
  8. canalview5:40
  9. Gloria7205:59
  10. retirednana076:02


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alcina ... with great delight and pleasure will I send it all! ☺☺☺
PS: I've heard rumors of a possible Polar Vortex so you may get more than you hoped for.


I wish you could send some of that snow up to Maryland! Not that I'm so crazy about snow but if we don't get some colder weather the bug population will explode this summer and devour my cucumbers and zucchini!

baugh1922 glad you liked it, not Austin, Abilene. Thankfully the last should be gone today.

Where in TX ? Austin just had its first. Thank you, babray, for this beautiful puzzle.

Nope, the only one that was an inside/outside kid was Gracie when we lived at the lake. In town, she only gets outside in harness and on a leash. Gracie never liked the snow. ☺☺☺


So pretty!! long as you can stay snug at home. Are the Squad allowed out in it? If so, what do they think of it?

Sounds like a good plan, Impie! Supposed to stop later today, and after a cold night warming tend to come.


I understand it all to well, but I don't like travelling a lot, so I'll grin and bear in my own home....we're not having it too bad uptil now!☺
Stay warm inside, best not look out your window too often and enjoy your kitties!♥

It is still snowing off and on and we've had probably 5". Hovering about freezing, but it is cold and wet. I completely understand the overwinteren, here we call them "snowbirds" and the retirees from the North head to the Texas coast or Arizona. They start in October/November with their RVs or motorcoaches and you know they'll be back through in about April.


Brrr....yuck....but you think you have it bad....have you checked out Madrid, Spain??? They have inches of snow and 2 days ago it was -36°C. !!! In Spain of all places!

A lot of Dutch pensioners will hibernate (in Dutch overwinteren) in Spain for the winter months, to have sun and warmth and avoid the cold in Holland.
Well.... this will take 'overwinteren' to a whole new level! ☺☺

This is actually our 3rd one! We had a snow/ice early in October. I'm ready for spring! Haha!

Gosh, in Texas too! Beautiful, but...
My sister lives in the Oklahoma City area. They've had two big snows already this winter, just like here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. But they had a very damaging ice storm earlier. I hope for your sake your snow doesn't last too long after the kids have a chance to play in it.

It is but 2 snows in 10 days is 2 too many for this gal! One of those thick snows.

Looks beautiful!,,:)

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