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A white boat . .

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In Maine, a little white boat in the harbor. .
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You've got a great eye, Tea. Nice composition in this one. 10/10
How I'd love to be on that pier right now. That little boat.....not so much. My one phobia is deep water. My Mom nerly drowned when she was in her early teens, and she instilled a deep fear of water in me. Still today. My 2 younger brothers would sneak away down to the river and they learned to swim that way.


Hello Marina, I remember it being a bright, blue sky day and the water mirrored the sky above, which can be beautiful ! Where I live it’s just lakes, so it was interesting to see the water colors in Maine :) Your puzzles have been so much fun this week, always appreciated :))


Beautiful colours of the sea.


I’m about to work your puzzle Linda, while I wait ;)


Hi Linda, no not yet . . waiting for the phone call :)


Hi Tea....Please let me know if you got the first shot today No pain involved. It's one, two, three, and it' done.. You don't feel a thing. Thinking of you today. Linda


. . . Just playing with you Kathie :) I eventually figured out the initials. I’m so glad you had a good experience with your first vaccine !! That’s encouraging to the rest of us. I’m sure you’re not dreading the second shot, wonderful :) Have a good Friday! I’m going to catch up on a few puzzles from yesterday then get a few things done.


Kathie, that’s good & really good news ! I won’t even ask what a RBG shirt is, lol maybe that stands for Really Big Gal :) or Red Blue Green or . . . I give up, but I’m giggling :))


@Bikerkath I’m so glad you’re OK :)) I needed to hear that it wasn’t horribly painful. It’s been years since I’ve had a shot. You’re right, I’m going to be just fine !


@silverfox19134 . . From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your encouraging words! I have Tylenol and plan to do not much of anything :) No call yet from the Pharmacy, hoping to hear something in the morning. And yes, thank you for remembering me in your prayers, it makes a difference! Have a good evening.


Hi Tea.. The shot goes real quickly, . Nothing to get yourself uneasy about. My family Dr. recommended to buy Tylenol ( Acetaminolphen)extra strength 500mg_take TWO every 6 hours for 24 hours. Took 2 tablets with me and a bottle of water and swallowed them down after the shot before I got home Go home and rest. The next day you might have a slight sore arm at the injection site. or you might have no reaction at all. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Remember think about the alternative of not getting it at all!!! Hope this helps, It helped me. Linda


@Bikerkath, thank you, that’s exactly the reason I posted “calm” puzzles today . . I’m waiting to get my shot too and a little uneasy. I’m so proud of you, you did it !!! I’m waiting on the phone call from the pharmacist, I might go this afternoon or in the morning. How are you feeling? I heard a good tip, a cold wash cloth on the arm helps. And I suggest chocolate, a quilt on the couch and Andy Griffith reruns, I Love Lucy and The Real McCoys :))

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