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The Strange Hiistory of Margarine Tax

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Without food colouring, margarine would be grey. Special licenses were required in New Zealand to permit its use.


And hey, I don't remember them either! I just remember being told about them by my wife's parents and her aunt. Her mother was a nasty old crone, but her mother's sister, Aunt Bernice, was a sweet, wonderful woman whom we all loved. I guess sisters who are opposites are common.


@wasicu I don't personally remember them, but I'm interested in the past which is why I post all these vintage ads. it's cool that some of us do recall them firsthand!

You must be older than I thought to remember the packets to make margarine yellow.


Wisconsin is "The Dairy State" and it had a law against margarine. My in-laws would drive down to Illinois to buy the white margarine with the color pack to make it yellow.

I can remember getting 'margarine' that was white and had a package of yellow powder to mix in it to make it yellow. This was in the early/mid 1950's at Commissaries in France.

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