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Pretty in Red!

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Amazing how we seem to find people here that we have common bonds with...I too am Italian! 100% I also LOVE red! Our first bedroom was red but now we have a king-sized bed and the red quilt no longer fits! Also...we had our bed specially built and it is extra high! I posted a puzzle of it fairly recently! I still hop right in but after my back surgery a few years ago I had to use one of the kid's step stools! Hope I don't eventually have to put in a permanent step stool! Hugs!


This reminds me of my bedroom which has lots of red in it (I'm Italian, we love red). I have a big old high bed that I need a step stool to climb into. Used to hop right in it when I was young, no more, lol. Thanks for this one, Joy.


You should fix your house just the way you like it! If your son wants his set he can store it himself! I always tell my kids they can decorate how they want when they make the mortgage payment! I posted a puzzle just recently of a large four poster bed. I think it might be titled "my favorite bedroom." It's my favorite because it's actually mine!


I love the bed, joyful. I have two in the attic, 3/4 size, I would love to have
a Victorian decorated guest room, unfortunately my son did not take his bedroom
suite with him when he moved out and married. They borrowed the mattress
and box springs for awhile, and then brought them back, as they wanted a
queen size. So I am stuck with the suite. See that mirror on the wall, the one
hanging close to the ceiling, I found one at the Goodwill that looks almost like it.
Well enough chatter, I will get on to solving this jigsaw. Later my friend.


Me too Quartina! I love changing quilts even though mine aren't expensive! They make the room look so pretty!


Love a quilty bedroom!


Special treasure!


I have a beautiful quilt my grandmother made me. It is appliqued with big red poppies! Unfortunately the only bed it fits is my sons! Little too girly for his taste! I had it on his bed before he was born! Just love red in a bedroom!


Red and white country patterns are in right now. In quite a few magazines! Grins and smiles!


I love the distressed wooden cupboard for the extra linens. Great puzzle! Grins and smiles!


Glad you all enjoyed! Hugs!


Love the bedstead, its all very chic !


Very unique and very pretty!


Wauw!!!! How beautiful!!!
I have more lumber, a mess in my sleeping room!!

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