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55 years ago today

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Childhood sweethearts Val and Jim married. Congratulations!
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Kay thank you so much for joining us. So pleased you liked this bouquet and left such a lovely message for Val and Jim


Kay thank you so much, we have had a lovely few days with every ones kind wishes, the bouquet is gorgeous as you say some of my favourite colours and flowers too . I hope you and Bob are safe and well too☺♥☺


@valt46 Look at how special you and Jim are to so many jigidi friends. Such a lovely bouquet although I must admit these are some of my favorite colors, too. Another round of celebratory congratulations to the two of you. You deserve all this fanfare and more. Stay safe--and warm. ;-))


Jill, What a lovely bouquet. Anyone would be happy to "receive it" --splendid that you saved it and shared it for Val and Jim. Great thinking. ;-))


Glad you enjoyed them Maureen ☺️❤️


Lovely flowers for Val and Jim’s Anniversary.
Thanks Jillian ,hugs ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you Fishes lovely to see you☺


Happy Anniversary Val and Jim!


Jacquie129 so glad you joined us as well and pleased you like the flowers, I thought they were rather special


Jacquie thank you so much lovely to hear from you☺♥


Fabulous tribute, Jill. So glad I checked in to jigidi before I closed my eyes... Congratulations, Val and Jim!


Lunie thank you, found it, we go for a walk every other day as extra exercise, we have to stay in our own areas when exercising, also have gardening to do so never bored, the days are hardly long enough☺♥


Posted one for you a while ago Val... We both are, anyway Covid or not we are always inside our condo if there's nothing important to be done outside. Cheers!


Jill once again thank you for Angeline's glorious bouquet our day is still going on thank you Hugs☺♥


Michelle thank you so much, I agree a stunning bouquet from Angeline, Jill's talented friend♥♥♥

Marilyn thank you, lovely to see you☺♥☺♥

Suzy thank you so much that is special coming from you two sweethearts☺♥☺

Marina thank you it has been a lovely day spilling unto another☺♥

Lunie thank you my friend, hope all is well with you and Didi☺♥


Congratulations dear val and jim - and many you be blessed with many more ♥♥♥ gorgeous flowers dear Jillian xx ♥♥♥♥


Thank you so much Marina, Suzy and Marilyn for joining in the good wishes and for your nice comments


Val & Jim, your Jigidi family so appreciate you that it is a pleasure to add congratulations on your milestone anniversary. Well done, Jill.


A lovely way to help Val and Jim celebrate 55 years together!
Happy Anniversary you two sweethearts!!!


Congratulations Val and Jim for your 55th anniversary.


Thanks Nev, it is one of Angeline’s and I had been keeping it such an occasion ☺️


Wow! what an ideal couple! Congratulations Val and Jim!


Nev thank you again, I have spent today answering all these lovely comments♥♥♥


Yes, Congratulations to our Val & Jim. ♥♥♥

And what an exceptionally beautiful post, Jill, for this milestone event. Well done! ♥♥♥


Jill you have added to our enjoyment of our day thank you my friend Hugs☺♥


Janet thank you again, everyone has been so lovely visiting all the cards Hugs♥♥♥


Thanks Janet for you appreciation and adding to our good wishes❤️☺️


Beautiful flowers for a beautiful couple. Many more happy years for you both Val and Jim. Hugs. ♥♥♥

A lovely card for them thanks Jill. hugs ♥


Thank you all you wonderful people for joining with me to congratulate Val & Jim. So appreciate it. Debb, dravale20, Sherry, Jaklien, Dobra, and Brian.


Thank you Brian from Jim and I, hope you are staying safe too☺☺


Congratulations, all the best and stay safe, cheers from Norfolk England..........B


Thank you Dobra, I am so lucky to have married a man who has become my very best friend as well as a loving husband☺♥


That's a long way. And still a beautiful, friendly relationship. Dear Val, I wish you that harmony endures.

Jill very beautiful flowers from you!


Jill you are a wonderful friend thank you so much Hugs☺♥


Thank you Jaklien, such a lovely comment ☺♥

Sherry thank you, it is cold and damp, gave Jim breakfast in bed will creep back in I think only warm place☺♥

dravale thank you so much for your kind comment☺☺

Debb my friend thank you so much☺♥☺


Childhood loves are beautiful!
A big congratulations to the very sweet Val and her loving hubby ♥♥♥

Thanks Jill ♥

Congratulations! Stay safe...Sherry :)))


bless u dear friends ! puzzle up and stay safe ! peace 2 ya !


Excellent, Jill☺ WOW! Congratulation, Val and Jim! Amazing milestone!! ♪♥♫