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People are not driving cars out on Lake Superior yet

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Taken January 15, 2022
This person was ferrying his fish shelter tent out to his chosen spot for ice fishing
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So far, Parson, they've only been snowmobile-ful on the ice. I saw one car on the ice a week ago nearer our town, but that's the only one! I liked that story, too!!


Love the story about hitting a trout.


I hope they are car-ful on the ice.


Ice-fishing is a huge sport around here, Sylvia. (I can't seem to eliminate the double comma....) I do think there is risk, of course, but they are a determined lot. I just saw a cartoon this morning. A pickup truck had gone through the ice, nose down. The man called his insurance agent and asked if his truck would be covered if he hit some wildlife. The agent asked: What kind of wildlife did you hit? The man: A trout!


These sure are daring people and I always have mixed feelings looking at sceneries like this one. I do hope they know what they are doing/risking. Their desire to go ahead with ice-fishing must be very strong!


They auto know better, Parson. I chink most of them do....
Thanks, Tea. I will do my best. I'm a bit limited this week.


It looks like a lot of f.u.n. !!
Thanks Li for sharing your photo :)
Have a good week . .


I would hope no one is driving a car out there yet, by cracky.



That's possible, Ianto.

I hope that they are in contact with someone. There might be two in there.


I agree, Ianto, but I've seen lone shelters, too, in some parts of the lake.

At some point, something might happen. it not a good idea for any one to be out there alone.


Maybe that's a good thing if an accident happens, Ianto.

That is what those are. No one is alone out there.


You can see all the shelters way out there. The lake was dotted with them.

I knew that someone would go out there.

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