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Fairytale Mountain Village, series 6/10

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With resolution up to 525 pieces, adjust number of pieces to your desire.

Ben Myhre designer, All Conjured from his prolific imagination using a blend digital tools: of Midjourney AI, Photoshop, Firefly and Topaz

Creating an inviting scenic environment with his extensive visual language background using verbal and visual language to get AI to do what you want is a time and storage space challenge. He creates some interesting visions. See more at his facebook link below.

Ben is head of product and design at Tise in Norway, a very interesting company , a part. Of sustainable second hand fashion, interior and furniture. Original from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tise is a Norwegian, fast-growing software company with an experienced team. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house.
Our main focus is the app for iOS and Android called Tise. Tise (as in "advertise"​) is a marriage between Instagram and Craigslist for selling and discovering second hand fashion, interior and furniture.
We believe that second hand trade is an important key to make the world more sustainable. However, even though most people acknowledge this, their barriers are still too high to take action, and they still have too many nice things just laying around unused. To sell your items through a traditional classified service is a timely process and for many it is embarrassing or even stigmatic.
We believe that everyone wants to be a part of the green movement and just needs a little motivation and the right tool to get going. Tise increases your incentives for selling in a fun and inspiring way, while on the other hand lets you go second-hand treasure hunting in your own neighborhood every day.
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  1. foxyroxy33614:26
  2. mskimyk20:10
  3. bjew20:42
  4. personal4deb21:51
  5. LoreleiLimpepper23:40
  6. LunaRae25:59
  7. philgeorge126:16
  8. Chuckecheese26:30
  9. busker26:31
  10. Loreen00127:09


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