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Theme: Sea life, sea turtle hatchlings

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Hatchlings use the natural light horizon, which is usually over the ocean, along with the white crests of the waves to reach the water when they emerge from the nest. Once out of the nest, hatchlings face many predators including ghost crabs, birds, raccoons, dogs, and fish. It's estimated that only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings will survive to adulthood.
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Hi Iris, thanks, yes they surely do! ♥♥♥


Hi Ardy, thanks, pleased you like the theme post! ♥♥♥


Turtles sure do have a dangerous life. ♥


The turtle lays so many eggs. Guess it's necessary since the survival rate is so low. Thanks, Nette. Good theme puzzle. ♥


Hi Shirley, thanks, I think it's sad too! ♥♥♥


Hi again Donna, yes, I have seen these stories on the news sometimes, I have great admiration for volunteers! ♥♥♥


So very lovable, and so sad that so many don't make it to adulthood, Thanks, Nette.


Hi Donna, thanks for more info, I've watched documentaries on the hatchlings and it makes me sad that the odds are so against them! ♥♥♥


Hi puzzlema, thanks for commenting, happy you found it interesting! ♥♥♥

interesting thanks nette10


Hi brightie, yes, so sweet! ♥♥♥


Hi Barb, thanks, yes, I do too! ♥♥♥


so sweet xxx


Very nice picture, thank you, Jeanette. I hope that the photographer protected these babies from all predators until they got to the water.... :)


Hi porgy, thanks for coming back with more info, so pleased you enjoyed the post! ♥♥♥


Hi Bobbie, thanks, yes they are amazing! ♥♥♥


Hi Finngal, nice to meet you and thank you for the additional info in your comment also! ♥♥♥


Hi Marina, thanks, happy you liked the post! ♥♥♥


I should have mentioned that majority of ours are the Green Turtle and some Hawksbill Turtles. Last time I saw a Loggerhead Turtle was early 60s. Very interesting finngal.


Amazing creatures. Thanks nette.

These are Loggerhead's. Rare to see them in the day light. They usually hatch Midnight to dawn. They only weight 3-4 ounces. only 1 in 1000 survive to adult hood. The Mama is about 30 years only when she come back to the approximate beach where she was born. We have them here in SC nesting in the dunes from May to August. We also have a turtle hospital down in Charleston next to the aquarium. Thank you so much for this. I did turtle walks (looking for nests) for 5 years on my beach here.


Fascinating info and puzzle, thank you nette. Hatchlings from the Caribbean and South America make their way here to Bermuda traveling couple of thousand miles to feed. They will stay anywhere from 12 to 20 years then travel back to their birthplace to produce more hatchlings. They are so resilient.


Very pretty baby turtles. Lovely puzzle, thanks. Marina.

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