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Big Leaf Maple Leaf

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Maybe the biggest I’ve seen. 17 inches wide.
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  1. PaxLab7:00
  2. cpschumer7:26
  3. nuthatch4312:10
  4. doormay13:39
  5. quickdraw13:45
  6. verka13:50
  7. Posie14:13
  8. MargitaK14:42
  9. lsathome16:16
  10. tomtomcat16:33


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Will do. Kate would have told you that on that day, she ran very, very fast. I would tell you that she was neither thoughtful, nor compliant. I’m told that’s puppy stuff, and I’ll be grateful for her speed as she develops. You can’t add speed, just slow them down, and in herding, you won’t be successful if you have to beg them to work. That applies to all dog sports, I know, but when your dog is 600-800 yards away.....


Spencersmom - Kate is such a gorgeous dog... but as a mudpuppy ... LOL!! I don't look at the pictures much before solving the puzzle and I couldn't even recognize her white legs for all the dirt. We missed the snow here - too warm, and happily too warm for freezing rain either. We are pretty darn muddy ourselves having had lots and lots of rain the past few months. But you have us beat in the mud department for sure. And many of our agility trials are indoors, and the few that are still outside are on ground that drains pretty well (the muddy sites fell out of favor quickly and the clubs had to find alternatives). Keep putting up puzzles as you test out Kate with upcoming trials so I can cheer you on while enjoying the puzzles.


What most of the fields have is mud. I added a puzzle of the mudpuppy. Muckboots are my herding footwear about 8 months of the year


PaxLab, we don’t often get snow here. It’s been a great season for young dogs. Kate qualified to go to Nursery Finals, so it’s time to get to more fields on more types of sheep. We’ll see if we’re actually ready when time comes. I did plan some of my trials based on which location might become inaccessible. That’s why I’ve been heading south to seagirls old hometown. Glad you and Pax are doing well. Did this weekends snow get you? My mom is in northern VA and got slammed. Tina


PaxLab, my feet are actually getting bigger or shoe sizes are getting smaller. This past year I generally need nine and halves. I also had to start buying wide widths most of the time. No snow here so far on the valley floor. This nearby hills have had snow accumulations several times. Terry


Amazing leaf and fun puzzle. We have something else in common besides dog sports - relatively big feet (mine are actually bigger still - 9-1.2 to 10s). My mom had "small" feet and would claim that that is why her balance wasn't better LOL! Can you still do herding in the winter or is there too much snow where you live? Agility was a bit slower over the holidays, but I am still able to compete 2-3 weekends per month. I live mid North Carolina so lots of trials within 30 min - 3 hrs. Pax is doing fantastic. What fun to have that working connection with a dog. All the best in 2019.


spencersmom, thanks for touching bases. I never had it to loose, myself. One thing we do have in common is we both wear size nines. Terry


Seagirl7, this is my photo inspired by yours. When I saw the size of this leaf today, I remembered your photo. You showed the toe of your shoe, this is my size 9. I actually commented on it at the time. You didn’t say anything to offend me, I was distracted and not on jigidi for several months. I’ve been slowly making my way through my backlog of your puzzles and trying to regain my speed. Definitely a case of “use it or lose it”. Tina


spencersmom, this reminds me of a similar photo of a Big Leaf Maple leaf I posted as a puzzle this past month. I have missed seeing you regularly taking first place on my puzzles lately. Hope I didn't say something that offended you, Terry

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