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Vintage poster #110 Fillmore and Winterland, San Francisco 1968

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The Cream? THE Cream? Who ever called them that? Apparently Stanley Mouse who designed this for concerts at the Fillmore March 7 and the Winterland March 8 - 10, 1968.

The bands that appeared were Blood, Sweat, and Tears, the James Cotton Blues Band, Jeremy and the Satyrs, and Cream a.k.a. THE Cream, henceforth referred to solely as Cream for brevity and succinctness, in lieu of caveat emptor and nolo contendere upon the burden of proof forbearance Chapter 7... HEY! You ambulance chasers get outta here! Go on, SHOO! Sorry, the boys from legal get in now and then. I gotta put another lock on that door...

There are a couple of interesting things here... Jeremy and the Satyrs were a jazz fusion band formed as a back up band for a folksinger, Tim Hardin ("If I Were a Carpenter"), and in a perfect world, the brilliant Al Kooper would have been on stage, still performing with BST, the group he started. They parted ways sometime in 1968 (and he's not responsible for the direction they took), but this early in the year, he might have performed. 1968 was bad for bands, as Cream broke up that year, too, although Bill Graham was getting ready to open the Fillmore West in '68 (which was... uh... east of the Fillmore). Whoo-hoo! MORE posters!! Hello? HELLLOO..? Do I hear crickets? Damn those guys in legal...

Jeremy and the Satyrs -

James Cotton Blues Band -
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* - "paler" - not to be confused with "impaler", or Vlad or any combination of the two

ps - Thanks for letting us know you are OK. I worry when you disappear suddenly. I never know if you are on a special assignment with Her Majesties Secret Service (TPTB division) or if you are chasing intruders away from our secret little hide-a-way in Puzzlevania... and we miss you when you aren't here


@rswestley - no, I'm still here, just a weaker, paler version of myself. A very young kitten (eyes open, still trying to figure out the feet, eyedropper fed) appeared in my yard Thursday and I've been busy - we finally have some sort of a routine, but damn, this thing is needy! Between feeding, flea combing, peeing, sleeping, my day is gone... and then the kitten needs attention...


Oops... forgot to put a stamp on the envelope... @morepiecesplz


Hey mpp... haven't heard much from you since I revealed my age to the m&m man. I hope my age didn't scare you away... I would hate to hit you with an age discrimination lawsuit and take away all your gators and half eaten poodles as restitution.

But on a more serious note, I hope I did not offend you with some of my sexual innuendos... they are all meant to be in good fun but I also know some people are easily offended... I think both of us can thank Jigidi for our continuing education in the field of 'offending'... hope to hear from you soon... we miss you!


Ahhhh, my heart was all aflutter. You mentioned a person can have only one "dom" at a time and you had my mind filled with visions of whips, chastity belts and ball gags (remember ball gags?) But then I realized that you used "dom" as merely a suffix... how disappointing. Well it's not quite October yet, so I suppose there is still time for me to return your Christmas present... but I still think you would be incredibly sexy in the black vinyl bustier while torturing me with your bare feet (pleeeeezzzzzz... anything but bare feet :-((((

You mentioned I missed my chance to defend the Beatles, so I thought what better way to defend that posting a heart warming memory from songs gone by....

Tease, Tease Me - Beatles

"Last night I said these words to my dom
I know you never even try, dom
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C'mon (C'mon), c'mon (C'mon), c'mon (C'mon), c'mon (C'mon)
Tease tease me, oh yeah, like I tease you

I don't wanna sound complaining
But you know there's always pain in my "tart" (In my "tart")
I do all the screamin' with you, it's so hard to reason
With you, oh yeah, why am I black and blue?"


As I understand it, a person can have only one 'dom' at a time. Since you have the lock on Spamdom ('cause you ran unopposed), you are prohibited from having snobdom unless you also have greeddom, which would make you a politician - and a worthless human being.


MYYYyyyyyyy HEEEEeeerrrrooooooo! You saved me certain snobdom! (swooon)


Oh CRAP! I was about to write a well deserved retort, but I see I am completely out of rankles and nettles... remind me to cancel my Fu&%#$@ Anger Management Class... it was a Fu%^@$# waste of Fu*@^$%$ time anyway, G0%$^# Da%#@%& piece of Sh&%&!! Now I have to make a Fu&%#$@ trip to the store for my FU%$@*^ rankles, piques and miffs.... JEEZ!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING???


Okay, let's just get it over with so you can decide if you want to waste any more time reading my ramblings - I LIKE the Eagles. I appreciate harmony and find the group preferable to a lot of what is promoted. Seriously, the screechings of Arianna Grande? Possibly the nadir of songwriting, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"? To be honest - I hate it when you bring that out in me, TIM - I will, in the future, mention others I enjoy that will make you question our relationship, so we must be tolerant of each other. You give me the Eagles, I give you Genesis...

(I climb on my soapbox again) Thanks to records, YouTube, radio, movies, perhaps, humbly, my posters, age is irrelevant, we are fortunate to have this music preserved and available to listen too.

mmattera - rswestley welcomed you into our musical exchanges and you called him a 'snob'. It's sometimes difficult to convey a thought accurately in writing, but I rankle at the possibility this was an insult (we rankle a lot around here, but every second Thursday we nettle... and cheekiness is 24/7). Your input is encouraged, but you will not denigrate my friends.

We share some similar likes - HUGE Motown fan (as seems to be my pattern, older more than newer) and think 'Suite for Judy Blue Eyes' is brilliant. If you follow my poster series - TIM would like some company - be advised I sometimes make claims of liking/not liking certain music for 'comedic effect' (look who woke up with a swelled head...)


mmattera, maybe our major difference is you were an east coast kid and I was more of a west coast kid, spending several years in each, Washington state, California, Arizona and Texas. I'm a couple years older than you, but I also grew up with the Beatles and the "British invasion". But I also fell in love with the sounds coming out of San Francisco in the 60's.... Spirit and Moby Grape (still two of my all time faves), NRPS, Jefferson Airplane, Byrds, Big Brother, etc. Then the 'progressive, bands coming from England quickly took over, Genesis, Moody Blues (luv the Moodies), Pink Floyd, Procol Harem. Sorry... I'm sure you have less interest in my musical evolution than you have in a Spam and Lima bean casserole (but I should warn you, Spam and Lima bean casserole is mpp's favorite... and she IS hosting this party)

As far as the Eagles go, I'm not a big fan, though I think they produced some good music, but what 'rankles' me is all the people that proclaim "The Eagles are the best American band EVER!" THAT rankles me (see mpp, I was actually paying attention in class last week). What about Buffalo Springfield? Moby Grape? Spirit? Elvis? Chicago? Tom Petty? Spirit? Aerosmith? Chuck Berry? Spirit? Journey? Tom Petty? Spirit? Buddy Holly? The Doors? and did I mention Spirit?

I'm a "music snob" because some songs don't float my boat? You mentioned you don't like heavy metal or crap rap... does that mean you are a music snob also? Hey! Maybe we could be brothers! So don't forget to ad me to your Christmas mailing list!

If I haven't made you comatose yet, I have one more tidbit. Remember I am a couple years older than you, so I have seniority. So be sure to treat me nice... you wouldn't want to be responsible for giving me a heart attack would you?


Okay. First, I'm not the biggest Eagles fan, but I saw Don Henley in Boston (where I'm from) at the Bank Pavillion on the waterfront. It was a terrific show. Second, I thought BS&T was a great album. Yes, "Spinning Wheel" and " Very Happy" were overplayed to the point of being obnoxious, but I liked "Smiling Phases", "More and More", and "Blues Part 2". And "Hotel California" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" are also examples of great songs that have been played to death and therefore, you, being, for lack of a better term, a music snob, can't stand to listen to it anymore. I understand that. I thought Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the great suites of music with the likes of "Band on the Run" and "Judy Blue Eyes" until "Wayne's World" destroyed it. I'm 67, so my first love of music came in 1964. But besides The Beatles, I am a fan of just about everything except heavy metal and vulgar rap. Some of my faves are: Steely Dan, The Band, Laura Nyro, Paul Simon, Traffic, Santana, and of course Motown. Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On?" is one of the greatest albums of all time.


mmattera - please come back often and leave a comment. This is not a win or lose forum, but a chance for all of us to experience groups that have been forgotten (became invisible) or unheard of. mpp, our local poster meister, is always mentioning groups that I have never heard of, such as today's Jeremy and the Satyrs (WHO??). And if you hadn't stopped in, I would never have enjoyed "Child is Father to the Man". If we do not try new things or listen to unheard of groups/songs, we will not grow... just don't bring up the Eagles... I will probably have a serious allergic reaction which may include , but not limited to projectile vomiting, "F" bombing Jigidiland ("I love the smell of napalm in the morning") and removing both of my eardrums with a Hamilton Beach can opener. Don't be a stranger (that position has already been filled)... I think we all would approve and learn from your input. Thanks for listening mm... looking forward to your future comments


...not scared away, but not going to offer any opinions of songs/groups. They're can't win situations.


I'm glad to know your sense of humor is still working perfectly. But don't take full credit for your achievement. I too have been known to scare people away with my sense of humor, so I think it was a joint effort... it's you and me kid, keeping the world safe with insanity.... like foot in mouth, jam 'n jelly, Paul and McCartney and lobotomy and ice bath.

"Bang, bang, Susan's silver hammer
Came down upon his head
Bang, bang, Susan's silver hammer
Put him in the salad..."

Salad? Did someone say salad?
"Whoo oooh
Whoo oooh
I'm so happy, doin' the crouton dance
And I'm just burning, doin' the crouton dance (yeah, yeah)"*

Don't 'cha just love Sisters with Pointers? And it's been so long, I wonder what happened to Eddie Murphy... or was it Murphy Eddie?

People get ready, there's a salad coming....

Recorded live at Bill Graham's Fillmore East - February 12, 1971 (? not sure, you are my go-to "guy" when it comes to the Bill Graham's Fillmore East/West)
Always liked the Chambers Brothers... their version could (almost) make me religious


We're safe TIM, just us - I scared the intruder away...


@mmattera - I took your advice and listened to "Child is Father to the Man" and admit it tweaked my interest, but honestly, it is not an album that I fell instantly in love with. I can foresee me enjoying/appreciating it with a few more listenings, but as the wise mpp said, when I mentioned I was not a fan of BS&T, I was referring to their later albums.... the albums without Al Kooper. Some bands improve with taking on a new lead singer (Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Moody Blues) and some get worse (Doobie Brothers, Journey)... I would list BS&T as getting worse with the departure of Al Kooper and the induction of David Clayton Thomas

"Will you think it's a joke
That's all right
Do what you want to do
I've said my peace
And I'll leave it all up to you"
(name that tune :-)


@mmattera - I think TIM was probably referring to the David Clayton Thomas years. I think the BST version of "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" is one of the best songs ever. You probably also like 'The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper' and 'Super Sessions' with Stephen Stills.

mmattera've got to listen to BS&T's album, "Child is Father to the Man". "I Love You More than You'll Ever Know", "I Can't Quit Her", "Just One Smile" "Overture." It's one of the great albums of all time, and I don't say that with hyperbole.


Well, you have inspired me to write my "Ode to Pen Pals" (aka the Beatles' "Yes It Is"* a really old tune from back before the Beatles became filthy rich... and before some became jaded, some became pimple rock icons, some married used furniture and some dreamt of becoming 6"s taller - I will attach a link to "Yes It Is" merely because I am sure most have forgotten the song... and the memorable lyrics)

"Please don't post yellow tonight
Remember I have rusted pipes
For yellow is the color of my underwear
And I swear, it's true
Yes it is"

"Yellow is the color she used
Everybody knows It's true
Yellow's the color that keeps puzzlers at bay
But I stayed, it's true
Yes it is, it's true
Yes it is"

"I could be happy with you as my brew
You're not decaffeinated, and that's my style
Yes it is, yes it is
Oh, yes it is, yeah"

"Please don't wear yellow tonight
Yellow's the colour of night lites
And yellow will keep me awake tonight
I want to dream of sprites
Like you, it's true
Yes it is"

(1) - Being the melancholy person that I am, I have always loved (and related to) this song... really...

Well, being the political activist and revolutionary that I am, I am off to watch some NFL football. I hope I don't get catapulted from the USA...


Thank you for the compliment! Rarely has anyone complimented me on my good taste (more than once my wife has told me I have my taste up my a**), but if I am the only one leaving comments on your intellectually stimulating and puzzles, my taste must be in an entirely different class than the other residents of Jigidiland. Your puzzles are like a milk shake for the mind... can I have mine with a few extra shakes?

I don't remember ever being "rankled" before (but remember, my memory is a product of the 60's). Is this "rankling" a physical activity? Is "rankling" generally considered a team sport? or is it best done in the privacy of your bedroom? My wife will be gone much of this afternoon so I am looking forward to looking up "rankling" on YouTube and watching a few instructional videos (I hope I don't get embarrassed)

So true how some things (and people) can begin with such honesty and promise and yet end up waiting in a Krispy Kreme Donut parking lot not realizing that the store is now selling mechanical goldfish. It would seem as if some bands evolve from innocent, fair haired boys and girls and over time become Neanderthals and eventually Sasquatch wannabe's. Reverse evolution if you will... or the love of money. Many times they are one and the same. Not only the Stones and BS&Ts, but you could ad Genesis, the Moodies, Elvis and given time I could probably give you a plethora of examples, including a relatively unknown Invisible Man that is in very close proximity.

There I go, getting lost on simplest of roadways.... again

One last thought and I will let you finish your oatmeal... at your recommendation I am currently looking for a trainer for the upcoming summer Olympics. If you should happen to be of Romanian descent, you move to the head of the class (I love what you did for Nadia Comăneci). And don't discount your talent in regards to manipulating your TV remote. You can finger my remote anytime you want



I laugh when you say you're honored to be the first to comment -with rare exception, you're the ONLY one to comment. I now believe these posters are just decorative stationery for the pen pals we've become. It no longer rankles me since I consider the demographics of this site and have always been one to value quality over quantity.

I hoped to make it clear that Al Kooper was not to blame for the insipid Muzak group BST became. He had come from the Blues Project and wanted to steer the group in that direction (but you probably knew that). Similar to Brian Jones, what he started was hijacked.

I'm impressed with you station-changing speed. It comes up for consideration as an Olympic event periodically - perhaps you should get a Romanian trainer and represent Bhutan. Similarly, I am quite fast with the TV remote mute button, but I'm not in your class.

I have literally been up all night. After a short rest, I will slog through available posters and see about another attempt to shake people out of their kitten-grandchildren-Golden Gate bridge-pablum.


I am not a fan of yellow, I am not a fan of bile. Nor am I a fan of jaundice or toenail fungus. However, I am a sympathetic man. I am a caring man, and being invisible, I understand how lonely a puzzle can be due to the lack of attention. And no, there is no lack of comments in Jigidiland, comments are aplenty, and yet nary a single comment has booked a reservation to spend the night in this lovely puzzle. So I am honored to be the first to leave a comment on such a lovely and inviting puzzle...

It has been my understanding that "The" Cream was originally going to call themselves "The Cream of the Crop", due to their superior musical skills, but shortened their name to "Cream" only because their egos needed a rest.

I've never been of fan of Blood, Sweat and Tears, however I must admit that Blood, Sweat and Tears did a wonderful job of honing the muscle tone in my fingers and increased my reaction time 10 fold. In time, with the ever growing popularity of "Spinning Wheel", I was able to punch the push buttons on my car radio in a remarkable .0362 seconds, ranking "Spinning Wheel" #3 on my list of most annoying songs, right behind "Hotel California" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".

I had forgotten about Al Kooper being a part of Blood, Sweat and Tears. David Clayton Thomas is the first name to come to mind, followed by a sense of nauseousness and the urge to kill something.

I must say mpp, it was nice having all to myself tonight. At first I thought I might have to chase all the other commenters away, but tonight must have been my lucky night, and I thank you for your hospitality. The conversation was lively and you are a wonderful dancer. Perhaps the next time we can spend time alone I will come better prepared.... if I may be so bold, would you be opposed to me bringing a bottle of my best prune juice? and maybe some MiraLax hors d’oeuvre? (the best aphrodisiacs I can think of)

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