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GET WELL Jacques! Ready for that ride?

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I'm proud of you Jack, you are strong, and have many friends behind you. Hugs. Here's to new starts Jack. :)))


you are a very sweet lady Healer!from tomorrow I take a new start.


You brave soul! You would really trust me to drive? That might be dangerous! Besides, I like your bike better. :o)
It's good to see you back. I hope things are going better for you, are you feeling better, how are you? But, it's all right if you don't want to share, just know we care.


I can already returned a short drive but it is tiring, I suggest that I sit back and let you drive!


You are a dear Suzy! I haven't been on it since the photo. I keep waiting for them to bring it up to the lake! It's a "Honda - Shadow".
And yep, toys are toys, and they get expensive. the cable on my jet-ski "lift" broke, and is being repaired as we speak!


Toys are toys! You look good sitting on that bike!


Hi yellowgal, thanks, that photo was taken about 5 or 6 years ago.

Cute young lady posing there.........vrrrrrooom, vrrrrooom !!


Gracie, I'm with you. I'm not driving that thing! LOL (I'm on my cell phone, not a good idea.)

Morris thanks! :)) We all wish him well, his friends and family need him.


Lookin' good, Jeannie!

I hope Jacques gets well, would be good to see the 2 of you riding!


You better let Jacques drive Healer!! LOL!! nice pic!


Hi Mimi, I would never try to ride one of those by myself. :DDD


What a great picture! Smart about the helmet! Have a nice ride! :)


Yep, Pat, it's me. I wouldn't ride on one without a helmet though. :))
(Son-in-Law sold his Go Cart a couple of years, what a shame, but he still has the bike)


Jeannie that's ok ... It's you on it... That is what counts..


Hi Pat, Hi Bentleyd! It's not mine, it's my Son-in-Law's! I was sitting on it. :)))
My daughter and her husband have the land toys, I have the water toys. It works. :)))


You go girl ...... Love it....


Oh wow girl , go :-))

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