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Art Nouveau Posters!! ~ Katie`s Favourite

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You did it! You're a naughty girl! But I'm glad you enjoyed it, and really glad you like orange so much. Without you (oh, okay and Jan LOL), the orange ones would never get a run in the spotlight!


Delightful - it's SO orange! Such a happy color!


Thanks PJ! :))) Maybe that was what it started life out as, before I popped it through the blender! LOL


Very nice puzzle Kirsten. I was happily reminded of fine Art Nouveau decorations I've seen in Europe.




Yah, I know you could have!!!


So that's 2 votes for angels, and 2 votes for Michelin men. And one for sheep. Thank goodness you didn't see anything new, Deborah! I couldn't cope!* LOL.

*I could have really.


And now with the Michelin men! It just gets better and better. Thanks Mary! :))))


Oh, you all make me laugh so much. Thank you! I love the idea of the sheep doing a circle dance, Gail. Thanks for sharing your intepretation with us. :))))


It looks like little Michelan men in the middle.


Oh, I didn't know those were white sheep. I thought it was Michelin men! LOL 3:28 Thanks, Kirsten!


I saw the red hair that was parted down the center and pulled into pony tails, but in the center I saw some white sheep standing up doing a circle dance:)


LOL! I knew what you meant, Ardy. :)))


It might help if I had proof-read more carefully and had puffy hair instead of puppy. LOL Once I got my eyes on them they were easy to see but finding them took some gazing!!!


Oh, my Ardy! I don't know how you manage to see these things. I have the original images that I can look at in full screen size, and I often still can't see the things you see. It's a gift!! Oh, and I'm glad you had fun with it. :)))


Chubby angels are great, Dagmar. But, Kirsten, she didn't tell you about the orange faced little girls watching the angels. To see them start at the angels and look for two slightly arced lines. Those are the eyes. Then find the inverted "V", that's the center of the hair-do which is rather puppy and pulled back with blue hair clips and ends with two pony tail types endings at the back of the head. Fun for early morning, noon or night. Thanks.


Awww. Chubby nosed angels! LOL. Thanks Dagmar. :)))


Little white angels whistling, sticking their big chubby noses into the air. :)))

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