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Best mates

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Two cats
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  1. Krissiem35:16
  2. Talana36:21
  3. Susan5738:47
  4. Elpop46:24
  5. cmiv54:37
  6. Frank35556:15
  7. krenov57:15
  8. julierm1:00:14
  9. soslo1:08:04
  10. beyondwords1:09:56


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No I don't have any cats. all my photos will be of my son's fosters. I'm glad you're enjoying my puzzles


Again, thanks to you and your son for sharing this photo with us. And I appreciate knowing the names of cats and a bit about them when I'm doing their puzzles. If you have stories or follow-up, please share those too.

Do you have any cats of your own? Or shall I just assume that any cat photos you publish are of your son's fosters?

Another two fosters. Not related. Kingston is a bit shy,and Black Panther who loves to follow you everywhere


I've just discovered your puzzles. Are these sweeties yours? Names?

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24 February 2019 - 23 April 2017
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